Best Tarisland Priest Build - the priest with her arms open

Best Tarisland Priest Build

What's the best priest?

Despite long-ranged healing units sometimes being a second thought when building up your fantasy army, they can often be a valuable asset. So let’s take a look at what the best Tarisland Priest build is, and which talents you’ll want to use for a strong healing and offensive unit.

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Best Tarisland Priest Build

Faith Priest Build

The Faith Priest specialization builds up your priest to be both a support unit, but also deals damage on a constant basis. It does help that all the Faith priest’s abilities will deal damage, but they can also heal your team members.

Here are the key abilities you want to focus on leveling up:

  • Holy Missile: This is your main ranged attack, dealing Magic damage up to 140% of your attack power, plus an additional 106 damage points. Naturally, it also heals allies when cast on a team member. However, the healing effect is diminished to 50% and double the mana cost.
  • Torment: When striking a target you will inflict Magic damage up to 67% of your attack power plus 52 damage points. As with Holy Missile, it can heal team members but with double the mana cost. This ability also has an 8% boost in its base damage, and every third shot also increases 8% in potency.
  • Soul Faith: Combined with Torment, you light up a Faith Sigil each time you use the ability. With five lit sigils, you will shoot a stronger missile called Divine Barrage. Plus with Vitality, you can cast an aura increasing your main stats by 6%, but only during raids.
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With these abilities in mind, you can focus your Faith Priest talents on the following:

  • Redemption: Using this talent, your Torment skill will have a 15% chance of dealing Magic damage equal to 1.6% of your DPS. It stacks up three times.
  • Divine Force: while using Holy Missile or Divine Barrage, Torment is 3% more likely to land a combo with three times more damage. It stacks up two times.

As for your ultimate, you have six to choose from. For this Faith Priest build we would recommend the following:

  • Light Protection: Cast a shield absorbing damage up to 20% of maximum HP. It lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Foot of Herald: Makes you run faster by 70% for about eight seconds, which is perfect for getting out of tight situations.

Pray Priest Build

The Pray Priest is less of a fighter and more of a healer. All of its skills and abilities are directed towards making sure everyone around them is kept alive.

Focus on leveling up the following skills:

  • Prayer: The basic Pray skill will deal magic damage up to 143% of your attack skill. Alternatively, you can cast it on a teammate and it’ll heal for the same amount of points.
  • Holy Guardian: Summon your holy spirit to protect a teammate, reducing all incoming damage by 6% for 40 seconds. It also gives a strong 835 points boost to their defenses.
  • Hymn Light: Heal all allies around you with a soft light, with a range of 5.5m for about 24 seconds.
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With these abilities in mind, you can focus your Pray Priest talents on the following:

  • Enh Holy Guardian: Holy Guardian increases duration of 0.5 sec, recovering health points for about 7.3% of your ATK when active.
  • The Oracle + Oracle Shield: Prayer becomes The Oracle at level 16 and with Oracle Shield, it reduces critical damage for your allies of 2.5%
  • Enh Oracle: Oracle heals for 3.9% more, plus the critical probability will increase by 1%.

Finally as for your ultimates, for the Pray Priest build we would recommend the following:

  • Purifying Light: Will disperse all restraint effects and Boss debuffs for an ally. If there are no skill debuffs to nullify, the cooldown will reset and you can use it again.
  • Radiant Barrier: Evokes a Light Shield that will absorb 20% of the total damage received, lasting for 30 seconds.

That’s all we have for you on the Priest Tarisland build. For more guides on the game, check out how to get Tarisland early access. We’ve also got a Tarisland classes tier list and best Bard build to check out!

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