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Tarisland is an upcoming MMORPG coming to PC and mobile, throwing the player into a universe where three Gods are warring for control. With enthusiasm for the title at a peak ahead of its release, here’s what you need to know about Tarisland early access.

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Can You Play Tarisland Early?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Tarisland is currently available in early access worldwide. However, the game is dropping on June 21, so you won’t need to wait long.

Tarisland is currently available in China, and developer Tencent has claimed that it has topped the country’s app store charts. However, there are a few things to take into account here. China is one of the world’s biggest mobile gaming markets, and games like Tarisland are hot property in the nation. However, Tencent has confirmed that the Chinese version varies from the global one, which will have additional content.

Tarisland Barbarian holding an axe
Image Source: Tencent

Why do the versions differ? It’s worth noting that China has a unique gamespace. It’s one of the world’s biggest mobile gaming markets, in part due to a lengthy ban on the sale of game consoles. The government is also highly involved in the games industry, and imposed a lengthy hiatus on new game licenses in 2021. This hiatus saw even the country’s biggest game developers – such as Tencent – unable to release their new games. Finally, China’s strict censorship laws often necessitate some changes to games released in the country.

Taken together, it’s possible that Tencent is hoping to capitalize on the Chinese market without falling foul of its censorship laws. With Tencent specifying that we can look forward to a “higher quality” experience, it appears that we may be getting content that Tencent didn’t feel it could release within China itself. How significantly the international version will vary remains to be seen.

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