Ranger Class in Tarisland
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Best Tarisland Ranger Build

Become the rapid-firing DPS turret you were always meant to be!

If you want to deal huge amounts of damage from afar, then look no further than the best Ranger build in Tarisland! It utilizes the Hunter specialization for the Ranger class and results in the highest DPS in the entire game if built correctly.

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Best Tarisland Ranger Build: Hunter Ranger

The Hunter Ranger is the best build for the Ranger class as it can deal devastating amounts of damage while going through both PvP and PvE content in Tarisland. It relies on building up your Stability and dealing damage while standing still.

Here are some of the abilities you’ll want to focus on for the Hunter Ranger:

  • Steady Shot: This ability is essential for keeping your Stability topped off, which is needed to buff and increase the effectiveness of your other abilities. It’s also a heavy damage dealer in its own right, dealing Physical Damage of 86% of your attack for a max-level character.
  • Arrow of Corrosion: Firing a Corrosive Arrow at your foes will boost the damage you deal to them by 10%, which also applies to the Physical Damage of 60% of your attack that the acid arrows deal themselves.
  • Sniper Shot: After a two-second prep time, you will deal Physical Damage equal to 267% of your attack for a max-level character. This ability makes use of your Stability, reducing the prep time cooldown the higher Stability you accumulate.
  • Rapid Shot: Quicly fire four arrows at a target, with each arrow dealing Physical Damage equal to 79% of your attack for a max-level character. Similar to Sniper Shot, Rapid Shot improves as you accumulate Stability, allowing you to fire extra arrows as it increases.
Ranger using Sniper Shot ability in combat in Tarisland
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Best Tarisland Ranger Talents

With these abilities in mind, it’s better to focus on these Talents for the Hunter Ranger:

  • Steady Shot: Casting Steady Shot two times in a row increases your Crit Chance by 4.5% for ten seconds. Casting Steady Shot twice will ensure you are always dealing the highest amount of damage possible.
  • Enh Steady Shot: Increases your Stability by 20 and Steady Shot damage by 13.4%. As Stability is essential for this build, the extra 20 goes a long way.
  • Explosive Arrow: Gives your Steady Shot, Rapid Shot, and Sniper Shot a 20% chance of firing an explosive arrow after hitting an enemy. This adds to your DPS even further!
Ranger fighting boss in Tarisland
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Best Tarisland Ranger Ultimates

These Talents will increase your overall damage output and Stability gain. If used in conjunction with the below Ultimates, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in Tarisland:

  • Refreshment: Restore 20% HP, increasing your survivability.
  • Leap: Jump in a designated area within a 16m radius. This is great for getting out of harm’s way and setting up your attacks.

That’s it for the best Ranger Build in Tarisland. For more builds, check out our best Tarisland Priest build and best Tarisland Bard build. For more similar content, check out our 10 Best Tips for Tarisland here.

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