10 Best Tips for Tarisland

I didn't think I'd need tips for a mobile MMO, but here we are.

New MMORPGs are rare these days. To a lot of people, Tarisland may be a pleasant surprise for those looking for a modern, competent MMORPG. Luckily, we’re here to help you get started with 10 tips for Tarisland.

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Best Beginner Tips for Tarisland

Despite just launching, and being an MMO designed for both mobile and PC, Tarisland is surprisingly fully featured. In fact, the game has enough going on that it can be a bit overwhelming. We’re hoping the tips below will help with that!

1. Focus On The Main Quests

Tarisland’s max level is 40 and thankfully it doesn’t take long to reach the max level just by playing the game, exploring the world, and doing activities like PvP and Dungeons. However, by far, the fastest way to level is to play through Tarisland’s main story. Not only do story quests give you a great deal more EXP than hitting monsters, but they unlock new features as well.

2. Level Reputation in Every Zone

Tarisland features half a dozen regions on a fairly sizeable map. The cool thing about this MMO’s environments is how exploring leads to acquiring collectibles that then reward you based on your progress. Exploring a region usually boils down to running around collecting waypoints, unlocking chests, and picking up codex pieces.

From there, exploring and collecting also increases your region’s reputation. Additionally, increasing regional reputation unlocks nifty little features like auto-pathing, buying more items from the reputation shop, and unlocking the ability to use flying mounts.

Tarisland map and region reputation rewards
Image Source: Level Infinite via Twinfinite

3. Join a Guild or Make One

Joining a guild or building one yourself is a good way to meet and play with new people outside of Tarisland’s matchmaking services. Beyond that obvious functionality, playing with guildies in Challenge Dungeons earns you bonus Companion Badges. These badges can then be used in the Guild shop, which carries a few handy consumables like rare fishing bait, cosmetics, and even mounts.

There is a friendship shop too that uses a different currency earned from playing with friends. So joining a guild may be a good way to gain new friends and earn both currencies, allowing you to buy cosmetics and mounts from both shops.

4. Mute Those Annoying World Chat Voice Messages

One of the first things you discover, once you reach the main game with lots of players around, is sadly their voices. At first, I thought this was all a simple voice chat. I continued to listen to many inappropriate things while searching for a way to turn it all off. There’s no audio setting that lets you turn player voices down or a setting that lets you opt out of any kind of general voice chat either.

It was then I discovered these chats were coming from world chat. They are voice messages that you can record and post over global chat. What sucks is that even if you’re only looking at Team or Guild or Private chats, you will still hear these global messages. To my great relief, all you need to do is go to Settings, then Basic, and un-checkmark World under Auto-Play Audio.

5. Carefully Consider A Profession

Tarisland has a lot of things to do as you explore its world, make friends, and dive into dungeons. Crafting is one of those activities that you’ll want to spend some time doing and leveling for the benefits they can give. You can be a Forger, Jeweler, Tailor, or Alchemist. I personally chose Alchemist since you can find and earn the best equipment from dungeons and raids.

But you will always be using potions that not only heal you but also increase your stats for 30 minutes. You will also be able to make a Team Potion Basin that your team can share in and consume to increase their max health and other stats like Attack and Focus for one hour.

Tarisland crafting menues
Image Source: Level Infinite via Twinfinite

6. Spend Your Crafting Vigor

As you craft your wares, equipment, accessories, and potions, you’ll notice how it costs a resource called Vigor. Vigor is a resource that is used every time you craft something. Simple crafted items may only cost 5 to 10 Vigor, while more Intermediate or Advanced recipes may cost dozens of Vigor. That said, Vigor starts off with a small cap and regenerates one point every 15 minutes.

You can specialize in your profession to reduce the amount of Vigor you use or increase its cap and even reduce Vigor’s recovery time. Still, craft as often as you can since it raises your proficiency, allowing you to craft those more advanced recipes.

7. Know When Certain Features Close

Unlike most other MMORPGs, Tarisland has a few features that are only open at certain times of the day. For example, If you want to PvP, you’re currently limited to the many-player Battleground where matches are only available from 10 AM to midnight Eastern time. The Arena mode isn’t available yet, but I would imagine it would have a similar time limitation.

Likewise, the Auction House is closed from 2 AM to 7 AM every day, during which items can’t be listed or bought. So if you’re a late or early player, you will want to make time for your auction house trades and PvP when they are open.

8. Use and Customize The Assist Skill System

Tarisland is an MMO whose mobile game influence can be seen in its accessibility. Usually, that would be to the player’s detriment in some way that robs the player of the experience. Like how auto-fighting encourages you to actively not play the game. But in this case, the Assist Skill system is pretty useful without diminishing the game’s depth too much.

You can find it by going to Development and then the Assist tab. The Assist system, when enabled, allows you to relegate skill combos to the use of a single key. The recommended skill combo works well enough, but you can make custom combos. Furthermore, there are a dozen cast conditions you can choose from for each different skill that’s also different for each class.

Tarisland skill assist system.
Image Source: Level Infinite via Twinfinite

9. Never Forget About The “Shop”

The shop is a little building icon that’s next to your minimap. Instead of general item vendors, Tarisland integrates most of what they would sell in a menu you can access from anywhere in-game. This shop allows you to spend premium currency on rename cards for you and your pets, alongside Adventure Association tickets that grant bonus privileges.

Beyond that, you can spend Silver on standard healing potions depending on your level. You can also buy fishing bait, flame throwers to melt ice, ice throwers to create ice, and consumables that shrink you or create temporary stairs for easier puzzles.

10. Make Use of Specialization Configuration Settings

There is a button above your health bar located at the top left of your screen. This will be how you quickly and easily switch specializations, talents, equipment presets, inscribed stone configurations, and three ultimates. You also have a PvP-centric specialization tab that lets you change all of those above presets.

The various configurations you have access to from this menu are all updated in real-time as you change them from their respective menus. So don’t worry about needing to save these profiles separately since they are tied directly to your two specializations.

For more like this, check out this guide around Tarisland’s max level. We also offer our tier list of every Tarisland class. Now, if you’re playing Tarisland as a Bard, you’ll want to check out this best build guide.

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