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What Is the Tarisland Max Level?

What is the cap?

Reaching the maximum level in an RPG is often a matter of grinding for hours, but also of knowing your limits. Players have been asking, then, what is the Tarisland max level?

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What Is the Tarisland Max Level?

At the moment of writing, the level cap in Tarisland is set at 40. But we are pretty sure this is going to be modified in the future. It is worth noting that the developers have also put in a level cap on the first week of release, to avoid players grinding for hours on end and getting to the max level in just a few hours.

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Here is the level cap for each day on the week of release:

  • Day 1: level cap 20
  • Day 2: level cap 26
  • Day 3: level cap 30
  • Day 4: level cap 34
  • Day 5: level cap 38
  • Day 6: level cap 40

But unless you plan to reach level 40 in just a few hours on the first week of release, then there’s no need to worry too much. Often, the gear that you can find is the real cap, rather than the actual level that your character has reached.

How Long It Takes To Reach Tarisland Max Level

Of course, this is not a question that has a precise answer. Overall, if you find the right group of people to perform raids and explore dungeons, then it might be just a matter of a few hours, like six or seven. Otherwise, it should take you around ten hours or so, definitely not long if you are planning to grind as much as possible.

If you’re interested in trying to get to that max level as fast as possible, we recommend you follow the usual route. Complete quests, take part in raids and dungeon quests (if you have the right company), complete in-game events and, when your character is at the right level, try to defeat some of the bosses around the map.

That’s all we have for you on the max level in Tarisland, but there’s more information to read. Check out our other guides on the game such as how to fix the “not available in your region” error and the best Tarisland bard build.

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