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Soulmask Farming Guide

Everything about farming in Soulmask

In Soulmask, farming is as important as hunting or any other survival skill. Farming provides a sustainable way to grow your food. In this guide, we will discuss all essential steps, including how to obtain different seeds, plant and fertilize them, and get the best yield. So let’s go over how to set up your own farm in Soulmask.

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Unlock Crop Planting Technology

Start by unlocking the Crop Planting technology. You’ll find it in the Knowledge & Technology menu under the Dawn of the New Tribe category. Invest your Tech Points in the following upgrades:

  • Farmland: To create plots for planting.
  • Fertilizer Bucket: Essential for plant growth.
  • Fertilizer: Boost your crops.
  • Seed Selection: To choose from various seeds.
  • Well (optional if your base is near water): Provides water for irrigation.

Obtaining Seeds

You can’t start planting crops and farming without the necessary seeds for each farm crop. There are two primary methods to acquire seeds in Soulmask, which include:

  • Exploration: You might find seeds in chests in ruins during your adventures.
  • Grinder: Build a Grinder at your camp. Crush fruits, vegetables, or nuts to produce seeds.

The following are the currently available seed options:

  • Cashew
  • Chili
  • Corn
  • Guava
  • Peanut
  • Pumpkin
  • Papaya
  • Tomato

Planting Seeds

Soulmask top down view of tribesmen working in various farming plots
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To plant the seeds, you first need to create farmland, which can be done using the following materials:

  • Clay (x20)
  • Stone or Flint (x39)

Place the farmland around your camp. Then, select the seed you want to plant from your inventory and place your cursor over the spot on the farmland where you want to grow it. You can arrange the plants in whatever way you like; they don’t need to be placed in a straight line.

Fertilize Your Crops

Fertilizers are quite important for the healthy growth of crops. So, you will need to craft a Fertilizer Bucket first, which can be made using the following materials:

  • Stone (x10)
  • Clay (x20)
  • Plank (x10)

Place the bucket anywhere at your camp. Now, you can create the necessary fertilizers for your crops. The following are all the different types of fertilizers, the crops they are made for, and the ingredients used to make them.

CompostAllTree Bark x2 (Additional: Fiber x10, Thatch x10, Vine x10)
CompoundAllCompost x10 Ash Fertilizer x10 Bone Powder Fertilizer x10 Stone Powder Fertilizer x10
Nitrate OreAllWater Consumption x50 Fire Ash x10Linen x5 (Optional: Feces x30, Compost x30)
AshPumpkinFeces x2 Fire Ash x5
Stone PowderChili, GuavaFeces x2 (Optional: Acidic Fluid x5, Niter Powder x5)
Bone PowderCorn, Cashew, Peanut, Tomato, PapayaFeces x2 (Additional: Bone Powder x5, Phosphorous Powder x5)

After you craft the fertilizer for your crop, pick it from inventory to spread it over your crops. This will boost your crops and give you a much better yield. Be sure to use fertilizers to maximize your efficiency.

Adjusting Crop Temperatures

Apart from fertilizers, farm crops also need the right temperature to grow properly. Each crop has an ideal temperature range for growth. You can adjust the temperature in your camp to get the best yield. You can also place campfires near your farmland to raise the temperature and experiment with their placement to find the right balance. But avoid extreme temperatures, as temperatures that are too hot or too cold can harm your crops.

You can build either an Air Heater or a Cooling Table to keep your crops at an ideal temperature. The following are the materials needed to build them.

Materials required for Air Heater:

  • Iron Ingot x48
  • Premium Leather x39
  • Hardwood Plank x20
  • Leather Rope x20
  • Rubber x20

Materials required for Cooling Table:

  • Stone Brick x48
  • Premium Leather x39
  • Clay x39
  • Hardwood Plank x20

These tools will allow you to regulate the temperature for your crops and ensure the weather doesn’t harm your overall yield.

Watering Plants

All plants require a sufficient amount of water to grow. Sometimes rain helps, and at other times you need to get water from a nearby source. To do that, you need a Water Bucket, which can be made on a Carpentry Table with the following materials. 

  • Plank x10 
  • Copper Wire x2 
  • Wooden Handle x2.    

You can also make a Well using the following materials:

  • Thin Rope x10
  • Thatch x20
  • Clay x20
  • (Additional: Log x10, Hardwood x10)

Assigning Tribesmen to Farmlands

Soulmask walking in jungle with tribesmen cutting trees
Image Source: CampFire Studio

If you get too tired of working on the farm, you can always assign Tribesmen to farm for you and automate the tasks. Before you can assign tribesmen to farm for you, you will need a Granary, which can be made at the Building Workshop using the following resources:

  • Stone x48
  • Bronze Ingot x29
  • Hardwood Plank x96
  • Leather Rope x20

Using the Granary, you can assign any Tribesmen to the Farming task. They will do all the work for you; all you have to do now is to sit back and watch them farm for you.

That’s all for our Soulmask Farming Guide. You might also want to check out our other guides on Soulmask, how to get Cotton in Soulmask, how to tame mounts in Soulmask, and our Soulmask admin console commands guide.

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