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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Exfil & Bank XP


Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Exfil & Bank XP

Whether you need to cut your mission short, or you finish every objective in the Hot Zone you’re dropping into, you’ll need to eventually exfil in Rainbow Six Extraction. This will allow you to safely evacuate your Operator and bank the XP you’ve earned (as well as get a nice little bonus). We’ll explain everything you need to know to successfully exfil in this guide here.

How to Exfil in Rainbow Six Extraction

  1. When you’re ready to finish a mission, look out for the helicopter icon somewhere on your HUD.

    This will direct you to the exfil zone. There is one of these in each sub-zone of a mission.

  2. When you reach the exfil zone, walk over to the small screen at the end of the machine, and press and hold X/ Square/ E.

    As you’re stood in front of the screen, the game will show you how much XP you’ll bank if you choose to exfil now.

    how to exfil in rainbow six extraction

  3. Stand on the yellow and black patterned area on the floor in front of the machine within the 5-second timer and you’ll successfully exfil and return into Rainbow Six Extraction’s menus.

    You’ll get all of the XP you’d earned during the Incursion, and your Operator will have survived the mission.

When Should You Exfil?

When you choose to exfil comes down to a number of factors. First off, you’ll want to take into account whether or not you can complete the remaining objectives with your current loadout of health and ammo.

If you’re running low on health, or don’t have any ammo left and can’t find a medicine kit or ammunitions box, then you might want to leave so you can bank the XP, as it’s unlikely you’ll survive the alien threat when trying to complete another objective.

On the other hand, if you’ve not banked much XP, you may want to push on and try and complete another objective or work towards completing one of the ‘Studies’ in order to bolster your earnings. Performing an exfil does give you a boost to your earned XP, but if you’ve barely got any to begin with, it’s not worth your time.

That’s everything you need to know on how to exfil in Rainbow Six Extraction. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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