Miles Morales: How to Do Finishers

how to perform finishers miles morales

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you’ll have to work your way through the main story as Miles himself to save his neighborhood from some pretty dangerous villains. Of course, like Spider-Man in the 2018 game, Miles can dish out some powerful finisher attacks. Here’s how to do finishers in Miles Morales in case you’re struggling to do so.

How to Do Finishers in Miles Morales

Finishers are powerful attacks that can take out most enemies in an instant with just a press of two buttons. To do a finisher, you need to rack up combos, 15 to be exact. Once you do this, the finisher icon will pop up, prompting you to press the triangle and circle buttons at the same time.

This will unleash the finisher and you can say bye-bye to whatever enemy you use it on. Once you unlock Subsequent Finishers through the skills menu, you can use one finisher right after the other if you have them banked.

Note that some tougher enemies will require two banked Finishers to take down. Also, most of the bosses Miles encounters will take multiple finisher attacks to be effective, so it’s not a guaranteed one-hit-kill every time you use it on the tougher fights, clearly.

And that’s basically all there is to it on how to perform finishers in Miles Morales. If you’re on the lookout for even more tips and tricks, be sure to search Twinfinite or simply scroll down below.

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