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Judgment: How to Get More Drone Parts

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Judgment: How to Get More Drone Parts

Judgment, like all of the Yakuza games, is filled with fun and wacky minigames that you can play alongside the serious crime-drama story. One of the more unique ones this time around is drone racing, and you can collect a ton of different parts to make your drone’s performance even better. Here’s how to get more drone part in Judgment. 

How to Get More Drone Parts in Judgment

Crafting Parts

Once you make it past the first chapter of Judgment, you’ll quickly unlock the drone races in the Millenium Tower through the main story, as well as access to drone customization. At this point you’ll start seeing materials pop up all over Kamurocho, as little shining spots on the ground.

You can simply run over these materials to pick them up, and they’ll constantly respawn, meaning you’re just going to naturally find a lot of materials as you run around. These materials are essential for crafting all of the different drone parts, and you can also go to the Ebisu Pawn Shop to purchase basic parts for crafting as well.

If you’re wanting to get the best parts for your drone you’ll need plenty of parts, so make sure to just collect what you can as you explore.

Unlocking New Parts to Craft

When you unlock the drone races you’ll only have access to a handful of parts to make, but it’s easy to unlock more. The first way is by beating the League that you can play at the main desk, which consist of a handful of ranked races. Beating the League, and the races within the League, will net you more drone parts to craft.

Alternatively, at Chapter 5 you’ll unlock the Quickstarter app, where you can have Yagami invest in various projects. Some of these projects are for new drone parts, so you just need to have the campaign hits its goal and you can pick up the new part from the mailbox at the Yagami Detective Agency.

The final way to get more parts is by scanning the 50 drone QR codes scattered around the city. You’ll need to talk to Sebastian Hutton next to the drone racing desk in Chapter 5 and onward, in order to start his friend event and find every QR code.

These codes can be tricky to find, but there’s a way to make things much much easier. Invest in the QR Code Compendium Quickstarter project, which costs 200,000 yen. Once completed, you’ll get a handy radar that sets off an alarm tone when you’re near a QR code and shows its approximate location on your minimap.

In all honesty, it’s not even worth hunting for the QR codes until you have the radar.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get more drone parts in Judgment. For even more tips and tricks make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can take a look at our Judgment guide wiki.

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