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How to Get & Use Breach Enchantment in Minecraft 1.21

Get ready to melt armor like it's nothing!

The Breach Enchantment enhances the Mace in Minecraft 1.21. As an all-new weapon in Minecraft’s latest update, the Mace can inflict a significant amount of damage to foes with jump and fall attacks. The Breach Enchantment increases its effectiveness even further by reducing the armor of any enemies you attack. Read on to discover how to get the Breach Enchantment and more information on how to use it in Minecraft 1.21.

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Hot to Get Breach Enchantment in Minecraft

To get the Breach enchantment in Minecraft 1.21, you need to either enchant a Mace at an Enchanting Table or find an already Enchanted Mace as loot with Enchanted Books while exploring Ominous Vaults. You can also find it in other structures that generate Enchanted Books.

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You need to have a crafted Mace in your inventory and access to an Enchanting Table to Enchant the new weapon. Placing the Mace and three Lapis Lazuli in the table will give you a few Enchanting options to choose from. If you see Breach appear, select it to Enchant your Mace. If you meet the level requirement to Enchant it, your weapon will be granted the Breach Enchantment. You can now start melting the armor of your foes!

How to Use Breach Enchantment in Minecraft

The best way to make use of the Breach Enchantment is to target enemies wearing armor while making use of the Mace’s inherent damage boost to jump and fall attacks. With this in mind, you’ll be shredding armor and taking down enemies in no time!

The Breach Enchantment reduces the armor effectiveness of your target by an impressive 15% per level:

  • Breach Level 1: 15% armor reduction
  • Breach Level 2: 30% armor reduction
  • Breach Level 3: 45% armor reduction
  • Breach Level 4: 60% armor reduction
  • Breach Level 5: 75% armor reduction
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As you won’t encounter many AI enemy mobs with armor, the Breach Enchantment is best used when fighting other players. In PvP, Breach truly shines as it can help negate the sturdiest of armor types in the game, resulting in fewer hits needed to take an enemy out. If you’re playing in single-player, we recommend the Smite or Density Enchantment to get the best out of your Mace in this mode.

That’s all there is to know about how to get and use the Breach Enchantment in Minecraft 1.21. For more content on the new update, check out how to find Ominous Trial Chambers and how to get Wind Charge here.

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