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How to Find and Unlock the Ominous Vault in Minecraft

Learn how to loot Ominous Vault blocks

The Vaults in the Minecraft 1.21 update have plenty of loot that every player needs. Now, to access them, you will also need a trial key! Vaults behave in ways unlike other blocks in the game and are an exciting and challenging new addition to ehg ame. In this guide, we’ll tell you the steps on how to find and unlock Vaults in Minecraft 1.21

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How to Find The Ominous Vault?

Ominous Vault blocks can only be found within Trial Chambers. This means you will need to find Ominous Trial Chambers to locate the Ominous Vaults within them. With the latest update, it has become easier now by adding a new villager trade with cartographers at the journeyman level.

Minecraft Ominous Vault on a stone wall
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A map to a nearby trial chamber could replace the map of the woodland mansions. This gives you a way to make sure you can find one, even if the trade isn’t guaranteed to appear. You need to follow the map above the structure’s icon and build a staircase downwards till you come across the Ominous Chambers.

How to Unlock an Ominous Vault?

Unlocking a Vault in Minecraft 1.21 requires an item called a Trial Key. It’s granted as a reward for clearing Trial Spawners. Trial Spawners are a special spawner type that summons a limited number of mobs. Its spawn numbers are proportional to the number of players that join the battle. In a single-player world, most Trial Spawners will spawn about 6 mobs at a time.

Minecraft Ominous Vault Trial Key on turqoise background
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It can require a little bit of grinding as there’s a 50% chance of getting the Trial Key from the Trial Spawner. Other methods of getting the Trial Key include the chest near the entrance (6.8% chance), and the decorated pots in the corridor (3.6% chance).

Finding the Ominous Vaults

Ominous Vaults are rare, and they occasionally generate within Trial Chambers. They have a lighter colour scheme with distinct red eyes and a diamond base. You should remember that there’s no guarantee that the Ominous Vault will be present within a Trial Chamber, but you can eventually find it. 

Minecraft three Ominous Vault block angles on turqoise background
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Ominous Vault Loot

The Ominous Vault blocks have many great loot options. The best are new armour trims, banner patterns, enchanted golden apples, and the heavy core needed to craft Minecraft’s powerful Mace weapon. Check out our full breakdown of each Ominous Vault drop and its chances here.

Now, Vault Blocks are loot blocks, but they don’t function like regular chests. Instead of a shared container, each Vault can be looted by any number of players. However, only one player can loot a single Vault at a time. This was implemented to ensure sure each player gets their share of loot. 

To sum it all up, the trial keys are very important and once you unlock the Vault, there’s a lot of great loot waiting for you. We hope our guide helped you in your adventure! You might also want to check out our other articles on Minecraft, Minecraft Tricky Trials Update 1.21 Early Patch Notes & Release Date, Minecraft Update 1.21 Will Introduce a New Challenge Mode, Decorative Blocks, Mob & More, and how a Minecraft Player Has Provided a Solid Case for the Copper Golem’s Return.

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