How to Get Glowing Embers in God of War Rangarok

Glowing Embers burning bright!

One of the rarer crafting materials you can get in God of War Ragnarok are Glowing Embers, which are used to upgrade certain weapon attachments and armor. In particular, they’re used for upgrading gear to some of their highest levels. As such, they’re quite important for those trying to 100% the game, as these final armor and weapon level upgrades can make Kratos a formidable, killing machine.

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God of War Ragnarok Glowing Embers Locations

Glowing Embers are obtained as a reward for completing the various challenges in Muspelheim’s Crucible. After completing each challenge, you’ll be given a large, gold chest. Go ahead and open this and you’ll claim a bunch of different crafting materials, items and Hacksilver as your reward. This is also how you get Smoldering Embers.

glowing embers in God of War Ragnarok
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Within these, you’ve got a chance of obtaining Glowing Embers. These appear to be slightly rarer than other crafting materials, though, so be prepared to grind through a fair few challenges before you start getting them.

What Are Glowing Embers Used For?

Glowing Embers are used for upgrading various weapon attachments for the Blades of Chaos, as well as armor pieces.

What Are Glowing Embers Used For?
Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Twinfinite

You can upgrade weapons, armor and other items by heading to Brok and Sindri’s shop and selecting the piece of gear you want to upgrade. Use R2 to move up through the ‘levels’ of the gear you can upgrade to, and then press and hold Square to confirm you want to craft it.

That’s everything you need to know on God of War Ragnarok Glowing Embers. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guides on Gleaming Crystals, all Alfheim Odin’s Raven locations, and all Berserker Grave locations, to name a few.

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