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How to Get & Evolve Tinkatuff Into Tinkaton in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here is where you can find Tinkatink and Tinkatuff (the Pokemon in the Tinkaton line) and what level they need to be to evolve.

One of the new evolution lines of Pokemon this generation in Scarlet and Violet is the Tinkaton line. It is a dual Fairy/Steel-type, which makes it a desirable Pokemon to round out many teams. Fortunately, once you have one of the Pokemon in its evolution line, it is very easy to get Tinkaton, the final stage. Here’s how to get and evolve Tinkatuff into Tinkaton in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Where to Find Tinkatuff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Before you can get a Tinkaton, you need to catch one of the two Pokemon in its evolution line before it. Tinkatink is the first stage and evolves into Tinkatuff. Tinkatuff is the second stage and evolves directly into Tinkaton.

If you want to start from the beginning to get all three Pokedex entries, you should catch a Tinkatink. This first evolution stage can be found in several areas of the game, most commonly in East Province (area two), South Province (area two and three), and West Province (area one). It can also be found rarely in 2-star Tera Raid battles.

If you are looking to catch a Tinkatuff specifically, you can find it in even more areas of the game, including North Province (area one and area three), East Province (area two), South Province (area six), and West Province (area two). It can also be found rarely in 3-star Tera Raid battles.

How to Evolve Tinkatuff into Tinkaton in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you have a Tinkatink, it evolves into Tinkatuff starting at level 24. Then, once you have Tinkatuff, it evolves into Tinkaton starting at level 38.

There are a few ways to level it up quickly in order for it to evolve. You can do the traditional method of fighting lots of battles, or you can use items to speed up the process. Rare Candy is an item that makes a Pokemon gain a level automatically. Exp. Candy makes a Pokemon gain experience. You can get these items from participating in Tera Raid battles.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and evolve Tinkatuff into Tinkaton in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more guides on the game, such as how to evolve Shroodle into Grafaifai and how to evolve Flittle into Espathra.

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