Forager: How to Sell Items and Make Money

Forager, How to Sell Items and Make Money

Selling your items and excess materials is one of the fastest ways to earn currency in Forager, but it can be a bit unclear how you do this at first. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide on how to sell items and make money.

How to Sell Items and Make Money in Forager

Used to purchase new lands and progress through the game, money is an integral resource for most any play style and drives most any play style you could take up.

Even if you strive to simply make structures and fall into a Stardew Valley-esque rhythm of production gameplay loops, you’ll still accrue money you can put toward purchasing new lands should you so choose.

As such, it’s little surprise money can be obtained through a variety of means in Forager, namely by killing enemies or selling items and resources.

While the former requires you to do little more than play the game, the latter requires you to obtain some specific skills before it can be implemented.

What Skills You Need

To sell items, you’ll need to obtain the different skills related to markets and commerce in the skills menu. This can be done by fighting enemies until you level up, granting you a skill point to use at your discretion.

As for which skill you should get, it depends on your Forager play style.

If you’d rather have an automated method of selling items, get the Commerce skill which automatically sells discarded resources for money. If you want to be more hands-on, invest in the Market skill to create structures you can sell items from.

Past that, there’s nothing much else to tell. You’ll soon be rolling in money, relieving yourself of items at a leisurely pace.

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