Fire Emblem Three Houses: How to Get Dark Seals & What They Do

How to get Dark Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

As you progress through Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll begin leveling up your characters and making use of even more powerful classes available to you by having them pass Certification Exams. Dark Seals are something you’re going to need for the Dark Mage class. Here’s how to get Dark Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and what they do.

What Dark Seals Are in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Much like the other ‘Seal’ items in Three Houses, Dark Seals are used to let a character take a Certification Exam for a stronger class. Intermediate Seals, for example, are used for an Intermediate Class.

Dark Seals are used for the Intermediate classes, the Dark Mage and Dark Bishop, which specialize in dark magic.

What You Need to Know About the Dark Mage & Dark Bishop

As mentioned above, these classes makes use of, and specialize in dark magic. This is particularly effective against heavily armored enemies, and has fair effectiveness against standard enemies, too, making this a great class to have as part of your team.

What’s worth noting, though, is that the Dark Mage and Dark Bishop aren’t capable of dealing out any healing or protection skills like other magic-wielding classes can.

How to Get Dark Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Currently, we’ve only found one way to get a Dark Seal in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, neither of which appear to offer a way to repeatedly get this handy item. Please be warned, this first method does contain spoilers, so turn back now if you don’t want any element of the game spoiling.

Getting a Dark Seal During Black Eagles Route

As noted in the title of this section, you will need to be playing the Black Eagles route of Fire Emblem: Three Houses to be able to get this Dark Seal.

First, you’ll have to choose to side with the Church towards the end of Act 1. During the Battle of Garreg Mach, you’ll encounter the Death Knight. The Death Knight does appear in two other battles prior to this, but he’s incredibly powerful at this point and it’ll be pretty difficult to beat him at this point.

If you manage to beat the Dark Knight during either Chapter 4, Chapter 8, Chapter 12, or Chapter 18, you’ll be rewarded with a Dark Seal. It’s also worth noting that you can use the ‘Steal’ option to simply pinch this item off the Death Knight without having to get embroiled in a lengthy battle with a powerful opponent.

As soon as we find out more ways to get Dark Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, we’ll be updating this post with more information. Be sure to check back soon.

How to Use Dark Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Dark Seals are used the exact same way as any other kind of seal you get in the game. You’ll need to wait until you’ve got a free day and choose to take a Certification Exam for one of the characters.

When you’re on a free day, open up the menu and choose Certifications. Then choose the unit you want to upgrade, and then choose the Dark Mage or Dark Bishop class. At this point, your Dark Seal is automatically used up and your unit will take the exam.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Dark Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, what they do, and how to use them. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki. We’ve also included some other popular guides down below.

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