Can You Recover Ergo Lost When You Die in Lies of P?

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can you recover ergo lost after death lies of p
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When playing Lies of P, you’ll come to find that you’re going to die rather often. However, when you die, you don’t just lose the time it took you to get to the point you were at, but you lose the Ergo that you had accumulated prior to the death. If you’re wondering if there’s a way to get that back, here’s whether you can recover lost Ergo after you die in Lies of P.

How Do You Recover Lost Ergo in Lies of P?

lies of p lost death ergo
Image Source: Neowiz Games via Twinfinite

As you build up the amount of Ergo that you’ve got, dying can be one of the biggest hindrances because it means that you drop the Ergo that you had. After you respawn, you are able to recover that Ergo, but how much you get depends on how you perform.

You can go back to the point at which you died to find the Ergo that you had floating above the ground, waiting to be reclaimed by pressing the interact button. However, if you take too much damage on your way back to it, you won’t get as much as you had initially lost.

In addition, if you die again before you made it back to the point of your previously lost Ergo, all of the Ergo that you were trying to get back to will be lost. Instead, you’ll only then be able to pick up any more Ergo that you had acquired before having died again.

This would be quite the infuriating feature when it comes to certain boss fights, but luckily Lies of P comes prepared. When you die in a boss fight, the Ergo that you lost doesn’t just wind up at the boss’ feet to taunt you, instead it shows up right at the entrance to the fight. That way, you can just grab it right before you back head in.

That’s really all there is to know regarding if you can recover lost Ergo after you die in Lies of P. The game is going to be filled with dying from trial and error, so being able to recover the currency that you lost makes a huge difference in how approachable the game is. If you could use help with other mechanics in the game or what combat style to choose, be sure to keep checking back here for more guides.

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