Top 75 Best Nintendo Switch Couch Co-Op Local Multiplayer Games

Get a friend and go!

The Nintendo Switch has taken couch co-op gaming to another level by removing the need for a couch or even a home. It’s simple to use and extremely accessible. This makes it perfect for playing with anyone, anywhere. Here are the best couch co-op games on Nintendo Switch to play with friends.

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1. GoldenEye 007

A gameplay screenshot from GoldenEye 007
Image Source: Rare

Look, I can hear your judging looks (yes, I said hear… looks), even before I’ve updated this article with this entry. GoldenEye 007 may not have the flashy visuals of some of the other games on this list, but it’s an undisputed king of couch co-op and local multiplayer chaos, and it’s finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch for all to enjoy.

Whether you play the classic Golden Gun mode, or just enjoy some of the more standard arena shooter action, there’s plenty to love here. Besides, we’ll never get tired of cackling maniacally as we hunt down our friends with the Golden Gun.

2. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

A battle in progress in Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp
Image Source: WayForward

If you and your pal are looking for something a little more strategic when it comes to your Nintendo Switch couch co-op games, then Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp may be worth checking out. The game sees you strategizing against the AI, moving your military units around a grid-based map to wipe out their forces or complete the objective.

Don’t let its cartoonish looks deceive you, either. There are some serious difficulty spikes in here that’ll catch even the most seasoned strategists off-guard.

3. Disney Speedstorm

Mulan and Mickey mouse racing in Disney Speedstorm
Image Source: Gameloft

While Mario may be the king of kart racers on the Nintendo Switch, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for other contestants to burn some rubber on Nintendo’s hybrid console. That’s exactly what Disney Speedstorm’s here to do, too.

Disney Speedstorm has an extensive amount of characters and locales from the company’s iconic franchises, mashes them all into a kart racer, and lets you battle it out against one another. With the game having now left early access, there’s a split-screen multiplayer mode in here for good measure. That means you and a friend can race it out against one another, though on the Nintendo Switch, you are limited to just two players in local multiplayer.

Still, if you’re looking for some high-octane action and fancy an alternative to Mario Kart, this is a solid choice.

4. Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Characters running away from a boulder in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Image Source: Nintendo

Mainline Mario games returned in 2023 with the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. A more traditional side-scrolling experience, you can tackle a range of levels with up to three other friends.

Considering the bounty of abilities on offer, from becoming a bomb to an elephant, you and your co-op partners can cover all bases and waltz through these colorful levels together.

5. Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together!

Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out Together! Nintendo Switch
Image Source: SFB Games

At first glance, Snipperclips may look like little more than a child’s game. The colorful, paper cutouts don’t scream challenge or multiplayer fun. However, you definitely shouldn’t judge this particular book by its cover.

Snipperclips happens to be one of the very best games on the Nintendo Switch and it will test your wits and creativity as you snip, slice, and cut your way to puzzle solutions presented in the paper and hand-drawn aesthetic that’s impossible to not fall in love with.

Of course, what makes creative puzzles better than bringing along a friend for the ride? You can team up with someone for couch co-op action as you bounce ideas off of one another and snip each other into the perfect shape.

If you can only buy one local multiplayer game, this is definitely one to consider.

6. Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Nintendo

If Super Mario Party wasn’t a couch co-op game then something would have gone seriously wrong with the franchise. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of couch co-op options in the latest game in the series for people looking to get competitive or play cooperatively as well.

Obviously, you can play an old-school four-player Mario Party game – that’s a given. You can also split the four players up into teams, and go head to head that way either against two other friends. Or, you can work together against the computer on team game-specific boards.

Finally, there’s also a new fully cooperative mode called River Survival Mode where you and up to three friends can work together to white water raft through obstacles, playing games along the way to score the fastest time.

7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mario and Link in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Image Source: Nintendo

Right alongside Mario Party as one of the best couch co-op experiences in gaming is the Super Smash Bros. series. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues that tradition giving players who pick it up a wealth of both cooperative and competitive options that you can play on a couch with friends.

Of course, there’s always the traditional Smash mode, where you can as many as eight friends can either split off into teams or all fight each other in a massive brawl.

However, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has cooperative co-op modes too. You and a local friend can play online together versus other players in a team match as well.

8. Super Mario Odyssey

mario running in a desert super mario odyssey
Image Source: Nintendo

It’s pretty easy to overlook the couch co-op fun that is to be had in Super Mario Odyssey. The game is so satisfying as a single-player adventure that you may not even find the will to try out the two-player option.

Once you do, however, you’ll see that this is a great way to explore the various kingdoms with a friend. One of you will be in charge of controlling Mario, while the other is in charge of his new talking hat companion by the name of Cappy.

If you’ve already played the co-op mode in Super Mario Galaxy, then you’re already familiar with the idea here. The difference is that both players get to be a bit more involved this time around and a new gameplay element is added solely for co-op mode.

Even after Mario has taken over an enemy, the player controlling Cappy still gets to move around freely on their own. It’s a great couch co-op experience that allows both players to get involved in the adventure without negatively impacting the experience when it’s time to return to single-player mode.

9. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Nicalis

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is not for the squeamish. If you’ve never played any of the games, you play as a young, terrified child who is hiding from an abusive, overly-zealous mother. During the hiding, you’ll find yourself facing off against various monstrosities that only a child could imagine.

Piles of excrement, explosive flies, monstrous spiders, and other weird piles of flesh and death torment poor Isaac in his nightmares.

One thing that helps with the horror is to bring along a friend to face the terrors that await you. The second player won’t be able to control a full character, but they will be able to be a buddy that floats around player one, helping to keep any creatures from trying to snuff you out at bay.

It’s a fun dynamic that will keep you and a buddy yelling in fright together as you navigate the rogue-like dungeons.

10. Sega Genesis Classics

An arcade game in the Sega Genesis Classics Collection.
Image Source: SEGA

While not one game technically, it’s a collection of games, but the Sega Genesis Classics collection on Switch has arguably some of the best couch co-op games of all time in one affordable package. Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s all here.

11. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight became an instant hit when it released back in 2014 across a slew of platforms. The ode to retro gaming was a blast that challenged players’ platforming skills and reflexes with creative boss encounters and tricky levels.

There is a way to make things a bit easier on yourself, and make all the gold collecting a breeze as well: just play in couch co-op.

On the Nintendo Switch you only need one pair of Joy-cons, and you no longer will need the Shovel Knight amiibo (so no extra spending required). We must note, however, that the cooperative multiplayer is currently only available for Shovel Knight’s campaign, Shovel of Hope.

There are currently no plans to implement it for the other campaigns as the developers are working on the next addition to the title, but who knows? Maybe something will pop up down the line. For now, though, you can have a blast in the original campaign with a friend on the Nintendo Switch.

12. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Nintendo

You can’t go through the entire game in co-op mode, but Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle does give you the opportunity to team up with a buddy for a few campaigns.

There are five couch co-op campaigns you can play with friends, but you will have to unlock each one as you advance through the single player campaign.

The first co-op campaign will become unlocked after you clear Ancient Greens, which is the first world in the game. In this mode you and a friend will control two separate teams of two characters in an attempt to complete various challenges. When you complete a campaign once, you’ll also get the option to go back and try it again on a harder difficulty.

13. Super Bomberman R

A match in progress in Super Bomberman R.
Image Source: Konami

Bomberman is another classic franchise that has gotten some new life on the Nintendo Switch. Super Bomberman R was a launch title for the Switch from Konami, and while it had a bit of a rough start thanks to online issues and other troubles, it has improved quite a bit since it stepped out of the gates.

Which is a good thing, because the Bomberman puzzles are always fun and engaging, forcing players to be aware of their surroundings at all times while thinking quickly in order to avoid being blown up themselves. As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one when dealing with tricky puzzles and challenges. It’s a good thing that Super Bomberman R allows for local co-op, letting you and a friend take on the trickiest scenarios side by side.

14. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Nintendo

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is simply a good time that you should definitely pick up if you own a Nintendo Switch. While most of its modes are of the competitive variety, you can actually team up with other players in the improved Battle Mode and show others, or the computer, who’s really the best kart driver around.

Mario Kart 8 allows players to make up teams of four to cooperate and strategize on the battlefield. Just make sure you choose your team wisely because those enemy balloons can be deceptively difficult to pop.

15. Minecraft: Switch Edition

Steve looking across a field in Minecraft.
Image Source: Mojang

You ever have those moments where you know you want to play some couch co-op but have no idea what it is you actually want to do? Do you want to kill monsters, do you want to explore, do you want to just do random things, do you want to build houses… the list is often times endless.

Luckily enough, there happens to be a single game that scratches many different itches by giving players the freedom to play however they see fit. You may have heard of this little game, it’s called Minecraft.

When the Nintendo Switch was released, it was only a matter of time before Minecraft hit the console. It’s just as fun as it is everywhere else you can play it, only you can take the console, local cooperative experience on the go.

Build a fantastic castle, take on endless hordes of skeletons and Creepers, discover the end, and make a life for yourself. Whatever you want to do, you can, and you can do it with a friend.

16. Death Squared

A puzzle in Death Squared
Image Source: SMG Studio

Puzzle games are fun, especially when getting answers wrong means death (for your virtual character, at least). Death Squared tasks players with moving colorful cubes around a map while avoiding traps and hitting switches that only specific squares can use.

It requires top-notch communication and cooperation, and is much more challenging than it seems at time… which makes it very fun.

We do suggest bringing your brightest and most strategic friends if you hope to make progress. Also, there will be lots of yelling, but the fun kind. So grab some Joy-Cons, a few friends, and get ready to test your puzzle-solving abilities.

17. Sonic Mania

The three main characters in Sonic Mania
Image Source: SEGA

Sonic Mania is a game that finally gave fans of the classic franchise something they had long been waiting for — a successful return in modern times to the game’s roots. This isn’t your new-school 3D version of Sonic.

It’s a fun way to reach back in time with the aesthetics of the Genesis, but with more polishing in terms of visuals and performance. This platformer pays homage to old-school gaming in a way that sends you down memory lane, but you might not always want to take that trip alone.

If you want to share your Sonic-filled expeditions with a friend, Sonic Mania allows you to team up with a buddy in more ways than one. For those seeking a little competitive edge, Sonic Mania brought back the game’s split-screen competition mode that will let you challenge friends to races.

If you and a friend want to find a way to work together, however, the game’s co-op mode is pretty fun. Co-op Sonic Mania allows one player to have control over Sonic while the other comes to their aid in the form of Tails. It’s the same kind of co-op experience that was in Sonic 2, making it yet another successful nod to Sonic’s earlier days.

18. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Ubisoft Montpellier

Rayman Legends is just one of those games that should be owned on all platforms. It has an incredible music score, beautiful artwork, and some of the most fun platforming we’ve seen in a video game to date.

And you know what? It’s even better when you have a friend running right with you, taking out enemies and collecting Lums.

If you’re a fan of Rayman, music, platforming, fun puzzles, or all of the above, then you most certainly should have Rayman Legends as part of your Nintendo Switch collection. The fact that it’s also a great couch co-op game is just an amazing cherry on top.

19. EA Sports FC 24

The Parc des Princes in EA Sports FC 24
Image Source: EA Sports

Sports games are fun, and when you and a friend can sit down and play on the same team it’s even more fun. The rebranded EA Sports FC 24 brings the celebrated series to the Switch with all of the features you could expect.

You can play the game on your TV, or even take it on the go, all the while maintaining the option to play local co-op if you want. You don’t even need to buy an extra controller, as you can split a pair of Joy-Cons with a friend and play that way.

But, we do recommend having two complete controllers in order to take advantage of everything in the game (such as all of the offensive and defensive maneuvers). Still, if you’re looking for something a bit more sports-centered that grants couch co-op pretty much anywhere, this is a great option.

20. Fire Emblem Warriors & Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Two Fire Emblem characters shaking hands.
Image Source: Nintendo

Fire Emblem Warriors is a fun hack-and-slash RPG that becomes even more enjoyable when you get friends involved. The gameplay is essentially giving you a Dynasty Warriors experience except with slightly better storytelling and familiar faces from the Fire Emblem franchise at the helm.

Fire Emblem Warriors also allows you to use more strategy than other hack and slashers by including a more in-depth character upgrade system.

You’ll also want to consider the fact that certain characters excel in different situations in battle. It’s not enough to make the gameplay particularly challenging, but it’s enough to make sure that you’re still entertained.

If you enjoy the first game, you’ll also be delighted to hear that Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a game in the same vein but based around the characters and storyline of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a more typical, turn-based entry in Nintendo’s long-running series.

21. Rocket League

Rocket League Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Psyonix

Rocket League has been one of the most captivating new entries to the sports genre since it was first introduced back in 2015. After making its way to the Switch, it’s continuing on its path to being one of the most strangely satisfying games you never knew you wanted to play.

By the time you play with a friend, you’ll find it difficult to pull yourself away. Getting your screen real estate cut in half can feel a bit bothersome at times, but teaming up with a friend to pull off some awesome plays just makes it all worth it.

The gameplay here has a great, explosive pace and the soundtrack amplifies all the excitement even more. Whether you want a partner who is ready to come in and execute coordinated plays with military precision or you just want a friend to goof around with as you both just try your best to score at least once in the whole game, Rocket League has what it takes to keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

22. Skylanders Imaginators

A statue in Skylanders Imaginators
Image Source: Activision

No matter how you may feel about the death of Spyro that was brought along by this toys-to-life franchise, there’s no denying that Skylanders is one very fun time.

The series is known for hitting all available platforms, so when the Nintendo Switch was announced Activision made sure to have Imaginators ready for it. If you have children or you’re just looking for a fun, lighthearted game that’s full of action and customization, Skylanders Imaginators is a perfect option. It gets even better when you throw couch co-op into the mix.

Throwing two figures onto the portal and running around with another player as you destroy everything in sight and see who has the better-created character is always a blast.

23. Metal Slug 3

Players fighting a monster in Metal Slug 3.
Image Source: SNK Corporation

Metal Slug 3 is one of the many Neo Geo classics available on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. It’s a serious blast from the past that many older gamers may remember from arcades and classic handhelds.

You play as a lone soldier who’s taking the fight to a seemingly endless army of robots and other technical marvels. Like most games of its time, Metal Slug can be really challenging, so it’s fortunate that you don’t have to go at it alone.

Thanks to the wonderful magic of local co-op, you can bring along an extra soldier to stem the tide of the mechanical onslaught heading your way. Make use of powerful Metal Slugs, pick up upgrades, shoot enemies on the ground and out of the sky, and just go nuts as you fill your screen with explosions and victory.

24. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

Battles in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
Image Source: Nintendo

If you’re a fan of the Warriors games from Koei Tecmo, you already know what you’re getting into with Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. However, this is one of the most fleshed-out Warriors games we’ve ever seen from the developers, and it features tons of fun callbacks to popular games in the Legend of Zelda series.

The game also boasts a pretty diverse cast of characters, along with a few game modes outside of the story to keep you occupied. Like all other Warriors games, this one is best experienced in local split-screen co-op.

25. Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Dodge Roll

If the gameplay in Binding of Isaac is a little too clunky and slow-paced for you, give Enter the Gungeon a try instead. The shooting mechanics are much more refined than in Isaac, and the addition of the combat roll also adds some depth to the gameplay.

Your co-op partner will act as a sidekick to your character, and this should help to make your dungeon runs a little easier. That’s actually a good thing because Enter the Gungeon can be a very tough and grueling game to get through if you’re playing solo.

26. Wizard of Legend

A dark castle in Wizard of Legend
Image Source: Contingent99

Wizard of Legend is one of the newer roguelite games to hit the Nintendo Switch. Unlike Isaac and Gungeon, Wizard of Legend is a little more forgiving in that the sense of progression is more palpable.

It’s much easier to unlock permanent spells and relics in this game than its counterparts, which is great because experimentation in combat makes up half the fun. The game also features a two-player mode where you can run through the dungeons together. You can also engage in a little PvP action with the versus mode to see who’s the superior wizard.

27. Resident Evil Revelations 2

A zombie in Resident Evil Revelations 2
Image Source: Capcom

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is probably one of the more underrated and overlooked co-op games on the Switch right now. The entire story campaign is playable in co-op, and the optional Raid Mode is an absolute blast to play through with a friend.

If your friend isn’t too good at video games, the story mode actually features characters who can play a more supportive role by identifying items for you and shining the flashlight so that you can kill the zombies easily.

28. Kirby Star Allies

Two players in Kirby Star Allies
Image Source: Nintendo

Kirby Star Allies is one of the easier platformer games you can get into on the Switch. If you’re looking for a stress-free game to play with three other friends, this is definitely a good pick.

Kirby can assume the forms of his enemies and make use of their abilities to clear platforming challenges and obstacles in the game. It doesn’t offer much in the way of challenge, but it’s still a fun one to get through on a lazy weekend.

29. Nine Parchments

Battle in progress in Nine Parchments
Image Source: Frozenbyte

Nine Parchments features a beautiful world centered around wizards and magic spells. The game also has extensive skill trees, and tons of spells for you to learn and master.

This also happens to be a game that is a lot more enjoyable if you have three other people to play it with, either through online or local play.

The mixture of RPG and looting elements makes this one a fun one to play, and it’s even better on the Switch.

30. ARMS

ARMS Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Nintendo

ARMS doesn’t just have to be a competitive fighting game all the time. You can also team up with someone at home and challenge other players online together.

The 2v2 modes are pretty fun, and force you to communicate with your friend while deciding who to take down and how to pull off combo attacks together.

If you’re not in the mood for the fighting game action, there are a couple of other game modes to help break the monotony.

31. Puyo Puyo Tetris

Four matches in progress in Puyo Puyo Tetris
Image Source: Sonic Team

This isn’t really a co-op game per se, but it’s a whole ton of fun if you have someone at home to play with. There’s Party Mode, where it’s every player for themselves.

You can make use of items to give yourself an advantage or an edge in the battle and try to put your friends at a disadvantage.

Versus and Big Bang Mode will pit you and your friend against each other, and you’ll have to try to get a higher score based on how well and how fast you can play.

32. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

A puzzle in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Image Source: Asteroid Base

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is probably a classic at this point, and it’s yet another chill co-op game you can enjoy with a few other friends on the couch. Together, you must work to keep your spaceship intact and steer it in the right direction. At the same time, you’ll have to protect it from enemies while also avoiding obstacles along the way.

This game requires some coordination, and it’ll surely test your friendship as you progress through the levels.

33. Wulverblade

Combat in Wulverblade
Image Source: Fully Illustrated

If you’re looking for an arcade-style brawler to play at home or on the go, Wulverblade may be right up your alley. It features a distinct and pretty art style and it’s inspired by historical eras – both western and oriental.

The game is completely playable in two-player local co-op, making this a fun one to enjoy if you don’t like playing alone. The combat is rather nuanced as well, and it’ll certainly take a bit of time as you master its ins and outs.

34. Scribblenauts Showdown

A horse and cart in Scribblenauts Showdown
Image Source: Shiver Entertainment

The adorable Scribblenauts Showdown feels right at home on the Switch, and it’s clear it’s come quite a long way since its early days on the Nintendo DS.

It’s a great choice for couch co-op, especially if you’ve got young children who love playing alongside you, due to its family-appropriate nature and plenty of fun and silly puzzles to solve.

Sandbox Mode is perfect for summoning just about anything that comes to mind, and that can make for some very creative problems to solve.

Scribblenauts Showdown is a fun, colorful, and exciting choice with fun that’s amplified by experiencing it with others. While it has a viable solo mode, you’ll definitely want to recruit others to play with while you’re huddled around the couch having a blast.

35. The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2 Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Mouldy Toof Studios

The Escapists 2 offers a surprising amount of fun with a second player so you can enjoy co-op with friends and family. You can jump into any prison stage but the tutorial and bring your best buds in for a rousing game of split-screen adventuring.

It supports up to four players simultaneously as you all work toward busting out at the same time.

From moving jails, space jails, and other crazy locales to some of the wildest destinations you’ve ever heard of, The Escapists 2 offers a plethora of different ways to enjoy the game with others.

You can play online or with local players to work together to see how fast you can escape, or you can even compete against each other to see who’d bust out first. It’s great practice for, say, events like this that potentially could happen to you in real life. Jailbreaks are important to have experience with, after all.

36. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Retro Studios

If you missed out on the excellent Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze back when it hit the Wii U, it’s a great time to try it out now. Join Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and the rest of the gang as you navigate a tropical set of tundras with friends or family.

It’s made even more entertaining with two players, making it perfect as a couch co-op pick.

Players control their own separate characters and knock out enemies with super attacks and devastating combo moves. Whoever controls Donkey Kong is responsible for all typical platforming segments, while the other is tasked with long-range attacks while riding on DK’s back.

You’ll be having a blast monkeying around together, that’s for sure.

37. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Team17/Ghost Town Games

Since the first Overcooked game became such a hit, the developers went on ahead and rolled out a sequel with more kitchen mayhem.

Overcooked 2 stays true to the original formula: four players scrambling around to get orders in, cook food, serve the dishes, and clean things up all while dancing through the craziest kitchens conceived by mankind.

Overcooked 2 packs in a handful of new stages, recipes, and chefs while finally adding in some other nifty features, such as online multiplayer and a new throwing mechanic that lets you toss around ingredients.

Overcooked still stands as a great couch co-op game on the Nintendo Switch, and the sequel just makes everything better. This is a new series that became an instant classic and an obvious addition to our list of the best couch co-op games on Nintendo Switch.

38. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Four characters in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Image Source: Nintendo

Captain Toad makes his long-awaited return, this time on the Nintendo Switch. Treasure Tracker is a port of the Wii U version that’s been beefed up with some interesting new levels and a couch co-op mode that lets you share the fun with a friend.

When playing with a friend, they’ll take on more of a support role and help you, Captain Toad, make your way around levels.

The second player can rotate the camera, uncover coins, and even take care of some pesky enemies, helping you out on your journey. Captain Toad is filled with all sorts of unique maps that are riddled with all sorts of secrets just waiting to be uncovered.

39. Mario Tennis Aces

Luigi preparing to serve in Mario Tennis Aces
Image Source: Nintendo

Mario and his friends step back on the court for another round of intense tennis action. Mario Tennis Aces is the latest sports spinoff in the series, bringing back classic characters and introducing some new athletes into the mix.

The sports game brings doubles back into the mix, letting you play with another person and challenge your other friends and even players online. 2v2 action means twice the suspense and competitive action as you and your partner have to cooperate and time your strikes at the right time.

Mario Tennis Aces is also easy to get into, and you can even use your Joy Con as a tennis racket to time your swings.

40. Salt and Sanctuary

The player casting a magic spell in Salt and Sanctuary
Image Source: Ska Studios

Salt and Sanctuary is an incredibly challenging indie action role-playing game, forcing players to adapt to different situations and make the most out of their arsenal.

Based on the Souls formula, players will fight dangerous enemies that can easily rip them to shreds if they aren’t careful.

It’s all about learning enemy patterns and your mistakes as you make your way through Salt and Sanctuary’s dark and mystifying world.

That said, the game lets you bring a friend along for the ride, as the both of you can explore the world together. Like Shovel Knight, Salt and Sanctuary adapts when another player tags along, always guaranteeing a solid challenge.

41. Spelunker Party!

A player running from a boulder in Spelunker Party!
Image Source: O-Two Inc.

Spelunker Party! is a cute exploration game in which players head deep into caverns in search of treasure. You have a wide range of tools at your disposal as you drill your way deeper into the Earth’s core, investigating some sort of strange phenomena that is messing with Earth.

Worldly problems aside, Spelunker Party! pretty much boils down to exploring these rifts and collecting treasure along the way. Paths are perilous, but with a friend along, you can make some pretty interesting discoveries that are definitely worth the danger. It’s in the title, even, with “Party!”

42. Broforce

A tank exploding in Broforce
Image Source: Free Lives Games

What’s up BRO? Grab one of your bros (male or female it doesn’t matter), and pick one of 30 bros including Ash Brolliams, Bro in Black, and Bronan the Barbarian, and just blow everything up in the name of freedom.

Broforce is intentionally silly and ridiculous, but the final result is a lot of fun. You can play with a friend and go through the game’s side-scrolling, chaotic run-and-gun levels.

Broforce can be challenging at times, and it will put your skills to the test, but overall whether you’re great or not, it’s full of silly nonsensical fun that’s best enjoyed when played with a friend locally.

It might not have the polished visuals of some of these other titles, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best couch co-op games on Nintendo Switch right now.

43. Guacamelee! 2

The player slashing towards a treasure chest in Guacamelee! 2
Image Source: Drinkbox Studios

Guacamelee! 2 follows Juan once again as he goes through another round of Metroidvania-style adventures. You can play through the campaign locally with a friend and work together to brawl your way through a lucha-themed world.

44. Cuphead

Cuphead Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Studio MDHR

Cuphead was once a Microsoft exclusive but now it’s on the Switch and it’s the perfect console to play this platformer on. Inspired by wacky cartoons from the 1930s, Cuphead is a brutally challenging 2D title that has you beating bosses to pay a debt to the Devil.

45. Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi sprinting through a level in Yoshi's Crafted World
Image Source: Good-Feel

If you just want to chill out with a friend and collect cute collectibles and journey through a cardboard cutout version of Yoshi’s world, then Yoshi’s Crafted World is a great pick! The co-op lets you choose between a variety of colored Yoshi’s and there are a bunch of cute costumes too.

46. Mortal Kombat 11

Two characters fighting in Mortal Kombat 11
Image Source: NetherRealm Studios

Mortal Kombat 11 delivers on the bombastic and gruesome action that the series is known for and this time, it’s on the Switch. It may not look as good as its console counterparts but all of the content is still there, including the amazing story mode that brings together all of the iconic characters. Even though Mortal Kombat 1 was ported to the Switch in 2023, this is the entry to go for.

47. Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer

The character running around a field in Cadence of Hyrule
Image Source: Brace Yourself Games

Cadence of Hyrule mixes the rhythm rogue-like gameplay from Crypt of the NecroDancer and the fantastic tunes from The Legend of Zelda series and the result is a toe-tapping adventure through Hyrule where you can play as both Zelda and Link for what feels like the first time.

48. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

A Van Gogh-style level in Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Image Source: Nintendo

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe might just be a glorified port of a Wii U game but it’s still a really enjoyable multiplayer experience that anyone of any age can have fun with. Thanks to the Joy-Con that comes packed in with the Switch, playing with friends is easier than ever.

49. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Heroes battling against enemies in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Image Source: Koei Tecmo Games

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order brings together a whole bunch of famous Marvel characters in a crazy story that takes inspiration from the comics and from the MCU. You can form your perfect team of heroes and work with multiple friends to take on Thanos and other villains.

50. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

A battle in Pokemon  Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Let’s Go is an HD reimagining of the classic Pokemon Yellow. It brings in a ton of quality-of-life changes that make the Kanto region even more fun to explore. Pokemon can follow you, you can ride on a Snorlax, and wild Pokemon can be seen all about the region for the first time. A second player can join in on the fun to help catch Pokemon and participate in double battles.

51. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Beenox

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is a remaster of the beloved PlayStation classic and a love letter to the fans of the old kart racer. Ever since Crash Bandicoot came back to form with the other remasters, there was no doubt that Crash Team Racing would be brought to modern consoles as well. All of the same tracks, karts, and characters are back and everything looks just a little bit cleaner.

52. Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Sumo Digital

If you feel exhausted with Mario Kart, Team Sonic Racing is an awesome alternative for fans of the furry characters and fast-paced action. With several characters to choose from, tons of tracks inspired by other Sonic games, and power-ups to take out the competition, this is a great pick if you want to race with some buddies.

53. Trials Rising

Three racers going uphill in Trials Rising
Image Source: RedLynx

Trials Rising is a wacky, physics-based arcade racer that has you pulling off sweet tricks and maneuvers to make it to the end of several tracks. This is a great game to laugh at with friends simply because of the way that you have to move to make it across gaps and nearly vertical walls.

54. Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Nintendo

Super Mario Maker 2 lets you play with up to three other players and check out the millions upon millions of custom-created courses made by the SMM2 community. Try out some chill levels or maybe find some super-difficult ones to challenge your buddies.

55. 1-2-Switch

Image Source: Nintendo

1-2-Switch was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. It takes full advantage of the cool features that are pushed into the Joy-Con controllers. It’s essentially a minigame collection that is perfect for parties or a way to show off your Switch console to your friends.

56. Moon Hunters

A village in Moon Hunters
Image Source: Kitfox Games

Moon Hunters is a cooperative RPG that’s also a type of personality test that you can participate in with your friends locally.

Explore a fantasy world that changes every time you play Moon Hunters and attempt to restore and bring balance to the land.

57. LEGO Games

lego star wars

There are several different LEGO-branded titles on the Nintendo Switch, and pretty much all of them are well done and fun to play, especially if you have a little gamer in your life.

Lego Incredibles, Lego Marvel Superheroes, and Lego Harry Potter are just some of the few that we recommend for starters. The most recent game, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga packs in an absolute ton of content for fans of the epic sci-fi series. It also has a bunch of gameplay improvements, too, so we’d highly recommend checking that one out first.

Plus, you’ve even got LEGO Fortnite to dive into with friends now. That’s available on Switch, too!

58. Mercenary Kings

A mech boss in Mercenary Kings
Image Source: Tribute Games

Mercenary Kings is a fantastic retro shoot-em-up that’s heavily inspired by the Metal Slug series. Team up with a buddy and go shoot down some bad guys while upgrading your guns and customizing your loadout.

It’s a fun and entertaining little game that’ll surely provide lots of laughs while you’re grinding for that special gun or two.

59. Tetris 99

A match in progress in Tetris 99
Image Source: Arika Co. Ltd

The classic puzzle game is now on the Switch! Thanks to a new DLC update, you can now play with a second player and battle against 97 other computer players in a match to the death. Well, not death but you know what we mean.

You can also hop online in solo mode and battle against actual players in a battle royale mode –it’s very hard to get to first place so good luck.

60. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Arc System Works

Dragon Ball FighterZ takes the best parts of the popular anime series and brings it into the video game world. Featuring gorgeous hand-drawn animations, smooth battle transitions, and an easy-to-learn system, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a great pick for a fighting game on Switch.

61. The Jackbox Party Pack

A multiple choice question in the Jackbox Party Pack
Image Source: Jackbox Games Inc.

Jackbox Party Pack is one of the best multiplayer party games out there and you don’t even need multiple controllers to play, just smartphones.

By connecting your phones to your Switch, you and your friends can compete to score points in a variety of mini-games and challenges. It’s a great time! Especially if you’ve had a bit to drink.

62. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

A slam dunk in NBA 2K Playgrounds 2
Image Source: 2K Games

The NBA arcade series is back and it takes everything to the next level with a huge roster of NBA players with online matchmaking, custom matches, and exciting game modes for all of the basketball fans out there.

63. Super Crate Box

A falling crate in Super Crate Box
Image Source: Vlambeer

Super Crate Box is a simple 2D arcade game. It has a wonderful chip-tune soundtrack, addicting game mechanics, and easy controls.

The goal is to fight against endless waves of enemies with a friend by your side and try to get the highest score possible.

64. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Villagers looking out to the sunset in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image Source: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons quickly became 2020’s smash hit after launching in March. The latest iteration of Nintendo’s popular sim franchise is another incredibly relaxing pursuit. Once more, it tasks players with building up their island paradise from scratch. It’s available to play cooperatively both online and locally. The latter option supports up to four players on one system.

65. Streets of Rage 4

A fight about to begin in Streets of Rage 4
Image Source: Lizardcube

A modern take on an arcade classic from the 1990s, Streets of Rage 4 pays homage to the original while adding some fresh new touches. As you’d expect from a brawler, the whole campaign is playable in co-op. If you’re looking for some light-hearted fun that’s perfectly accessible to casual players and hardcore alike then this one isn’t to be missed.

66. Minecraft: Dungeons

Players grinding through a dungeon in Minecraft Dungeons
Image Source: Mojang Studios

Even if you haven’t played the base game, Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon-crawling RPG spin-off worth checking out. It’s an accessible co-op hack-and-slash that anybody can hop into. Best of all, the entire campaign is playable with up to four players.

Players fighting a Strike Fighter in Borderlands
Image Source: Armature Studio

Borderlands is perhaps the granddaddy of the entire looter-shooter genre, a design that’s since become one of gaming’s most popular. And thanks to the Handsome Collection, which includes both the first and second games into one remastered package, it still holds up today.

Best of all, it includes a new split-screen co-op mode. You can blast your way through the entire campaign with a buddy!

68. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

A player casting a spell to defeat enemies in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity
Image Source: Omega Force

Not to be confused with the first Hyrule Warriors game, Age of Calamity is a much more focused experience that places more emphasis on the story than anything else. You can still enjoy the game with a friend, though, and experience the lives of the four champions in a beautifully rendered campaign.

69. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition

A fight in Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
Image Source: Ubisoft Chengdu

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game has finally been revived and has made its way to the Nintendo Switch. This is a 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up game that you can either play online or in local co-op. You’ll get to control fan-favorite characters like Scott, Ramona, Stephen, and Kim. The Complete Edition also includes the two DLC characters Knives and Wallace.

70. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

A round of golf in Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics
Image Source: NDCube

Clubhouse Games is one of the best local co-op games you can get on the Switch right now. It’s even more fleshed out and has more depth than something like 1-2 Switch. You can engage in 51 fun mini-games like boxing and chess. It’s an extremely versatile collection and is perfect for a couch co-op night.

71. Kingdom Two Crowns

Players riding horses in Kingdom Two Crowns
Image Source: Noio

One of the lesser-known gems on the Switch, Kingdom Two Crowns is an incredibly chill experience that’s a ton of fun to play with a friend. It features two-player split-screen co-op where you and a friend can move left or right to explore lands, expand your kingdom, and order your troops to fight monsters.

72. Persona 5 Strikers

A fight in Persona 5 Strikers
Image Source: Atlus

Persona 5 Strikers was the first game in the series to land on Switch. This was followed years after by the base Persona 5. The musou-style combat might turn some players off. However, Strikers has more Persona in its DNA than musou, as the game is very story-driven and features a lot of RPG elements.

73. Mario Party Superstars

Maluigi jumping on Luigi in Mario Party Superstars
Image Source: NDCube

Super Mario Party is a great party game in its own right, but if you were looking for something that was a little more feature-complete, and you wanted some way to revisit classic levels in the franchise, then Mario Party Superstars is for you. It features classic levels from previous games in the series, and also allows for online play if you’re so inclined.

74. Moving Out

Two characters holding a sofa in Moving Out
Image Source: SMG Studio

The Overcooked games are fantastic, and if you’re looking for even more intense and stressful co-op fun, look no further than Moving Out. The concept is pretty much the same, except this time you’re trying to move boxes out of various apartments as quickly as possible. You can team up with up to three other people as you barrel your way through a bunch of houses and apartments while tossing boxes out to the sidewalk and loading them on your truck.

75. Nintendo Switch Sports

A round of tennis in Nintendo Switch Sports
Image Source: Nintendo

The era of Mii dominance may have been left with the Nintendo Wii way back in the mid-2000s, but Nintendo Switch Sports is here to bring all of the motion-controlled sporty goodness in your living room once more. With a plethora of different sports to choose from like soccer, tennis, bowling, badminton and volleyball, there’s more than likely something you and your friends will have a good time at.

Team up and take on the AI in a game of tennis. Challenge one another to get a perfect game in bowling, or smash that shuttlecock into the face of your opponents in badminton. Up to four players can play Nintendo Switch Sports in local multiplayer.

That’s all there is to it, though! Those are the best couch co-op games on Nintendo Switch to play with friends. We hope you enjoyed the list!

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