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All G’s Cache Locations in GTA Online

GTA Online
Image Source: Rockstar Games

All G’s Cache Locations in GTA Online

Looking for those daily GTA Online drops? We’ve got you covered.

G’s Caches, the daily drops in Grand Theft Auto Online, offer items, ammo, and cash to players who are lucky enough to find them. These drops change locations every day, meaning you will need to take extra care to find these drops. Fortunately, the drops come in a pre-determined set of locations, meaning players will only have to decide from a small subset of spawn spots. Here are all the G’s Cache locations in Grand Theft Auto Online.

All G’s Cache Locations

In Grand Theft Auto Online, G’s Caches spawn in one of 15 locations. The location changes every day, and these drops are represented on the map by a purple box with a black question mark. The location of these spawn locations is as follows:

  1. Legion Square
  2. Vespucci Beach Skate Park
  3. Jay & Son, El Burro Boulevard, Elysian Fields Freeway, El Burro Heights
  4. Mirror Park Lake, Mirror Park
  5. Decker Park, Little Seoul
  6. University of San Andres, Los Santos Richman
  7. Chumash Historic Family Pie, Chumash
  8. Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Hills
  9. Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  10. Hill Valley Church, Great Chaparral
  11. Senora National Park, Grand Senora Desert
  12. Grapeseed Rail Terminus Union Road, Grapeseed
  13. Millar’s Fishery Co, Galilee
  14. Bayview Lodge, Paleto Forest
  15. Railyard Clucking Bell Farms, Paleto Bay

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Each spawn location has five possible spots where caches are stashed. Locations are unique to each player, and the search will begin once you end up within close range of the package. That said, law enforcement could potentially track these packages down, meaning players will have to be very careful to not get caught.

Those are all the G’s Cache locations in Grand Theft Auto Online. Stick to Twinfinite for more GTA Online content, including a guide to unlocking the 50-car garage.

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