Games Will Look "Better" on PS4 Than On the Xbox One

That is of course judging by two recent announcements this past week in which both Thief and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will both perform higher on Sony’s console than Microsoft’s.

The upcoming Thief, which will be releasing for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, as well as PC will be running at 1080p on Sony’s console, while it will run at 900p on the Xbox One. Both games will run at 30 fps.

The discrepancy is slightly bigger for Ground Zeroes as the Xbox One version will run at 720p, while the PS4 will run the game at 1080p. Both versions will run the game at 60fps, while the previous generation systems will run at 30fps.

So what does this mean exactly? Unless you have some sort of hyperattentive eyes, probably nothing. Frankly, I can’t tell the difference half the time between videos above 720p, and all of this will mean bunk unless you have the latest television set to go with your new consoles.

So now we wait patiently, as the internet will fight amongst themselves over these numbers.

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