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Top 20 Best Open World Games on PS4

horizon zero dawn


Top 20 Best Open World Games on PS4

Worlds to explore.

Horizon Zero Dawn  PS4- Moving on from a linear first-person shooter and on to a huge open world action RPG was a huge change for Guerrilla. It may have been a departure from familiarity, but Horizon proved that the developer is one of the best of Sony’s first-parties. It is one of the most beautiful games of all time, there a huge amount to do, and the world is vast and varied. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has one of the most beautiful open worlds and the most to do and see of any game on PlayStation 4. Geralt’s tale is epic, the cities are vibrant, and the writing is impeccable, all of which creates a believable open world. Wild Hunt is arguably the gold standard for the genre.

Grand Theft Auto V – Originally released on PlayStation 3, Grand Theft Auto V has morphed into one of the most popular games around. Following the usual GTA mould, the open world of Los Santos features a huge amount to see and do, including everything from heists to tennis. On top of the entertaining story mode, GTA Online allows you to explore till your heart’s content alongside your friends.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – The insane but compelling story may be straight out of the Hideo Kojima playbook but the open world grants a level of freedom unlike any other game. You can approach any objective however you’d like, from whichever angle you’d like, allowing you to create your own unique stories.

Fallout 4 – Fallout 4 gives you the chance to dive into the post-apocalyptic United States, completing quests, making friends, and facing off against monsters to work out what happened to you family. Secrets are scattered throughout the world and threats lurk around every corner. Anyone who’s played a Fallout game will know what to expect, however.

Skyrim – By now, you can play Skyrim on almost any platform but the PlayStation 4 version is one of the most beautiful. The open world is still a joy to explore, the quests are introduce you to fascinating characters, and the combat is fun. It’s the same great game you probably played elsewhere but the PS4 special edition is one of the best versions.

Far Cry 4 – Far Cry 4 is a crazy experience. The antagonist is uniquely insane and the game’s open world offers you the chance to hunt predators, blow up enemy compounds, and fly hand-gliders through the mountains. The best thing about Far Cry 4’s world is that you never know what you’ll come across, or what will attack you, as you explore.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Initially exclusive to the Xbox One, the sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot came to PS4 a year later. This time, the world was more open than the original, allowing Lara to explore and upgrade with more freedom. The combat is strong, the story is compelling, and the open world is beautiful.

Assassin’s Creed Origins – After taking a year break, Ubisoft returned with Assassin’s Creed Origins. This time, the series travelled to Ancient Egypt to tell the story of the Bayek and the origin of the Assassin brotherhood. Deeper RPG mechanics were added and the combat system was refined, making the huge and varied open world a joy to explore.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Rocksteady’s Arkham series ended with the series’ most expansive open world yet. With thugs to take on around every street corner, Joker surprises scattered everywhere, and a creepy tone enveloping the world, Gotham is a joy to explore. And, on top of that, the story and characters make for a great end to the series.

Dying Light – Dying Light is an enjoyable, zombie filled adventure but the best part about the game is how the open world changes are the time of day changes. At night, the enemies become more of a threat, but rewards for completing quests are better. You can be safe but poorly rewarded, or threatened and rich, and the world feels entirely different during the night or day.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – The Division’s version of New York may be one of the more familiar open worlds you can explore on PS4, but its just as menacing and filled with secrets. Each area offers a different threat level and different loot opportunities. The Division’s open world is a lonely, menacing place but is beautiful and filled with things to see.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War – Stepping foot once again into Middle-Earth is a thrill for fans of the franchise and its lore. Each encounter and interaction is meaningful due to the complex Nemesis System that gives a compelling personality to every NPC. It also ensures that you’re always watching your back as you explore, taking on the heavily guarded fortresses as you go.

Destiny – The second game may be out now, but the original Destiny is framed around a very detailed open world. Featuring different planets, each with their own theme and enemy type, you can travel between each one seamlessly, completing events and missions as you go. Also, you can do all of it alongside friends.

Minecraft – Minecraft is arguably the definitive modern sandbox adventure. It gives you the freedom to explore and build whatever you’d like; the possibilities are endless. The open world is full of unique and interesting things for you to interact with. Also, since it is one of the best-selling games of all time, there are plenty of other players for you to bounce ideas off.

Final Fantasy XV – Final Fantasy XV finally came to PS4 in 2015 after a decade long wait. The world of Eos has plenty to dive into, including fishing, camping, completing varied quests, and hanging out with the gang of protagonists. Road trips always lead to dramatic adventures, and the road trip in Final Fantasy XV is no different.

Watch Dogs 2 – The main issue with the first Watch Dogs game was the unlikable protagonist and the empty open world. Thankfully, the new gang of characters and the lively version of San Francisco injected a lease of life into the franchise. Also, you have the freedom to approach every situation however you’d like, quietly or all guns blazing.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Dragon Age: Inquisition has almost everything you could want from an open world RPG on PS4. Developing the great core of the Dragon Age series, its world is huge and beautiful, its quests are varied and entertaining, and the combat is fun and engaging. 

InFamous: Second Son – The early PS4 game saw a big change fro Sucker Punch’s InFamous series. With Delsin being the new protagonist, and the location changing to the real world city of Seattle, Second Son felt quite different. The open world was well designed, taking advantage of your developing powers, and the famous landmarks played an important role in the story, making the city feel as important as the other characters.

Yakuza 0 – The open world in Yakuza 0 isn’t the largest but it is filled with strange things to do. The activities include: playing bar games, gambling, karaoke, or even dancing. All of those trivial pastimes surround a dramatic story, which features phenomenal acting and compelling relationships. Yakuza 0 is also the perfect place for newcomers to jump into the series.

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