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Top 20 Best Xbox One Console Exclusives

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Top 20 Best Xbox One Console Exclusives

There are a ton of Xbox One exclusives that have been released since the console launched in 2013. Here are the 20 best exclusives to play! Don’t worry, we have you covered. This list makes it really easy to figure out which one you’ll want to check out.

The word “exclusive” can hold a multitude of meanings. For this article, “exclusive” refers to a title that is either only playable on the Xbox One, console-exclusive to Xbox One, or timed-exclusive on Xbox One if by the time of writing it has not been released on PS4.

The MMORPG has been a tough genre for consoles to wrap their hands around, but developer, Cryptic Studio, give it a fair shake in this free-to-play game, Neverwinter. With the deep customization fans of the genre have come to expect and a variety of quest options, Neverwinter is a more than worthy consideration.

Ryse: Son of Rome was the first Xbox One showpiece to release on the console. Though it has been available to play since the Xbox One launched in 2013, the game continues to be on of the most visually impressive options on the Xbox One. Aside from the repetitive gameplay, Crytek offers a compelling narrative and satisfying gameplay in this recreation of Ancient Rome.

Massive Chalice is a successfully kickstarted turn-based strategy game developed by Double Fine Productions. In this game, the player controls individual battles with an XCOM-eqsue style mechanic, as well as managing the year to year growth of the kingdom. The most unique gameplay feature in Massive Chalice is the player’s ability to create hero bloodlines through breeding two hero together, creating a long-lasting line of powerful heroes to protect the kingdom.

Killer Instinct launched alongside the Xbox One as a free-to-play reboot of the fighting series. The FTP version featured one playable fighter with rest available for purchase. Since its launch, Killer Instinct has launched 2 more seasons of content and now features 24 fighters including Arbiter from the Halo franchise and Rash from Battletoads. Each subsequent season after release has been more well-received critically than the previous.

Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood is actually the sequel to Max and the Magic Marker which released on Wii, PC, and mobile. This puzzle-platformer maintains the core mechanic from its predecessor where the player uses a marker to draw interactable objects into the world in order to solve the puzzle. While the platforming can be a bit frustrating at times due to the accuracy of a controller as opposed to mouse or touch, the game has moments of brilliance especially near the end.

The Dead Rising series originally began as an Xbox 360 exclusive with the sequel releasing on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Dead Rising 3 returned to its Microsoft exclusive roots. In this Xbox One launch title, Capcom utilizes the power of the machine to create a huge open-world with massive hordes of zombies for the player to obliterate with their classically-crafted undead death machines.

The issues of this massive collection of games have been well-documented, and the first couple months were frustrating for those who purchased this game for the online component. With those online issues now behind it, Halo: MCC (which features Halo 1-4 and a remastered Halo 2) is the most content rich game available on the Xbox One.

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