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Happy Halloween! Here’s 15 Amazing & Spooky Gaming Jack-o’-Lanterns

video game pumpkin carvings

Happy Halloween! Here’s 15 Amazing & Spooky Gaming Jack-o’-Lanterns

Video Game Jack-o’-Lanterns

Luigi’s Mansion

Considering that Luigi’s Mansion 3 has just released, there’s no better time to carve him and King Boo on your pumpkins to place in front of your house/apartment. And just look at how detailed it all is! It’s incredible!

Source: Reddit


Gengar is one of the best Ghost-type Pokemon from the Kanto region and this video game Jack-o’-Lanterns of it looks stunning. That’ll surely scare away incoming trick-or-treaters.

Source: Reddit


I for one have lots of trouble with carving anything on a pumpkin let alone drawing something so this Castlevania pumpkin design is truly astounding. It’s located in the Chicago Botanic Garden if any of you wanted to check it out in person!

Source: Reddit

Sheikah Eye

The only thing this Sheikah Eye pumpkin needs is a blue glowing light coming from the inside to complete the whole design.

Source: Reddit

Kirby & Friends

Okay, so this might not be an actual Jack-o’-Lantern but you cannot how adorable these Kirby designs are!

Source: Reddit


Ivysaur may not be as scary as that Gengar carving but who doesn’t love a cute Grass-type Pokemon like this guy?

Source: Reddit

Oregon Trail

There’s probably no other Jack-o’-Lanterns on this list that really makes me not want to eat any sort of candy but still, this Oregon Trail one is pretty dope.

Source: Deviantart

Shadow of the Colossus

This pumpkin rendition of one of the Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus is simply amazing. You can even see the main character and his horse down below if you look carefully.

Source: Deviantart


I also give a thumbs up to this Vault Boy Jack-o’-Lantern.

Source: Deviantart

Sonic the Hedgehog

This design looks miles better than the design for Sonic in the live-action film. Take some notes Paramount.

Source Link

Donkey Kong

This carving of Donkey and Diddy Kong is absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of the good ol’ SNES days.

Source: Reddit

Red Dead Redemption

I don’t know how long it took for this person to create this John Marston masterpiece, but it’s excellent.

Source: Reddit


This carving could have just been a simple Charizard but nope, this Jack-o’-Lantern somehow has all three evolution forms of Charizard and it looks sweet.

Source: Reddit


Power. Wisdom. Courage. Halloween. These four sections of the Triforce will never be forgotten.

Source: Imgur


Mimikyu is one of the creepiest Pokemon out there so this Jack-o’-Lantern makes total sense and is wonderfully done.

Source: Reddit

Do you guys have any video game pumpkin carvings that you want to share with us?

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