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Top 10 Best PSVR Games

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Top 10 Best PSVR Games

VR is a concept that many people probably understand, but with PSVR, it’s a lot more accessible and affordable. The issue is that it’s hard to describe VR and trailers don’t really do the experience justice. That’s why developers are striving to get VR to be as accessible as possible, and what better way than to tie it to one of the best selling systems of all time? Certain games can be played entirely in VR, like WipeOut or Resident Evil 7. Here are the best PSVR games you can play right now.

Best PSVR Games

Batman: Arkham VR

Ever wanted to play a game where you truly feel like Batman? Well…this game gets pretty close to that. VR is still in its infancy, so I’m curious to see this concept fleshed out even further in a few years.

Nonetheless, this is a really cool idea and it captures the tone and feeling from Rocksteady’s previous Batman titles. There’s a great mixture of playing as Bruce Wayne, doing some detective work, and combat, making this short experience feel varied. It’s also really great that this game ties so nicely to the previous ones, fitting between Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

Doom VFR

Doom is excellent. Running around in this fast-paced shooter is exciting enough, but in VR, you truly feel like you’re on Mars killing demon aliens. The immersion is truly great, fully embracing the speed and the chance of giving you motion sickness. Luckily, the ability to teleport negates the free movement mechanics, making easier on your senses – This is Doom built from the ground up in VR.  Also, it might make you wet your pants but that’s a small price to pay for saving the planet.

Wipeout: Omega Collection

The technical fidelity working behind the scenes with WipeOut: Omega Collection should not be ignored. The game runs at 60 frames per second, has 4K resolution, and includes HDR. In other words, it looks stunning.

Not only is WipeOut Omega Collection a fantastic package, but it is fully playable in VR. There’s something to be said about the feeling of your stomach dropping as you fly down a steep track. More games need this treatment for sure – As for WipeOut in VR, it’s an immersive and breathtaking experience.


Making use of the PlayStation aim controller, Farpoint is a competent shooter that feels great to play. It’s more than just a series of gimmicks, or a tech demo – this feels like a true VR experience built from the ground up. And it’s scary, too – just in time for spooky season!

Farpoint works because of how satisfying the shooting feels, and because of the smart AI. Sure, the story is nonsense, but if you’re looking for a game that feels good to play, look no further than Farpoint.

Skyrim VR

Skyrim! Now available on your smart toaster! In all seriousness, this is a cool thing to at least try out, especially if you already have a love for Skyrim.

Exploring the world is immersive and still manages to look majestic, despite the low polygon count. It’s not the best looking version of Skyrim, by any means, but the feeling of being in that world is worth the graphical sacrifices.

Again, VR is still young and it’ll be fascinating to see ideas like these once the headset is iterated upon even more.


Moss has a ton of heart, charm, and is one of the best platformers available on PSVR. What I love about this is its aesthetic – it feels like a fairy tale story book and has the tone and music to go with.

I love how the game plays with the sense of scale – With the main character being a mouse, it’s fun to explore the smaller environments, all while looking down as sort of a watchful protector. Predictable story aside, Moss is another must play for PSVR owners.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

It doesn’t sound like an on-rails rollercoaster shooter set in the Until Dawn universe would work, but it does surprisingly well. The concepts and mechanics aren’t anything new, but that didn’t stop me from having a blast with this game.

This is a great experience to get used to PSVR, as it doesn’t require much movement, but still has you performing basic functions like shooting and aiming. Plus, many of the scares are genuinely terrifying.

Rush of Blood is a great Halloween game and serves as an introduction to the headset’s features.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Some have referred to this as PSVR’s best game, simply due to its charm and the way it implements so many of the headset’s functions. In it you play as…you – Well, kind of. You control the little robot, too, but YOU, yourself, are a character in the world.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission has you platforming, solving light puzzles, and changing your perspective often. You may need to peek around corners to find Captain Astro, or even turn completely around.

It’s a lot like how Tearaway implemented so many of the PlayStation Vita’s features, but never feels gimmicky. Is Astro Bot Rescue Mission the BEST PSVR game? Maybe. At the very least, it’s a must play.


Often referred to as a rhythm violence game, Thumper takes what we know about music games and chucks it all out the window. Gone are the licensed songs or even recognizable instruments. Instead, the game focuses on a mix of industrial and organic sounds arranged in a rhythmic way.

Admittedly, Thumper is not for everyone. It’s aggressive, in your face, and scary at times. But if you’re looking for a unique VR experience that will make you uncomfortable, Thumper is exactly what you need.

Resident Evil 7

We could focus on how good this game looks, but instead, it’s important to note that this is one of the definitive PSVR experiences. Fully playable in VR, you can experience the horrors of the Louisiana swamps, all while trying to survive against the Baker family.

Playing this in VR will no doubt be a memorable experience and I urge everyone to at least try it – if nothing else it’s a sure-fire way to scare you to tears.

And there you have our picks for the best PSVR games you can play right now.

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