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Top 20 Best PS4 Dynamic Themes of All Time

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Top 20 Best PS4 Dynamic Themes of All Time

Time to spruce up that PS4 dashboard.

Best PS4 Dynamic Themes

Want the best PS4 dynamic themes? This here is a collection of all the best dynamic themes on the Playstation 4. Most will cost you a pretty penny, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t gift yourself with one of the best PS4 dynamic themes.

Aztec Temple

Aztec Temple is just one of those really beautiful dynamic themes that make your console’s dashboard look dark and classy. You can see birds flying in the background as the music softly plays behind the beautiful, foggy image.

Escape the Apocalypse

If you always have outrunning the end on your mind, then the Escape the Apocalypse theme on PS4 is right up your alley. Watch a car drive endlessly through the desert to escape horrors unseen.

Cyber World

The Cyber World PS4 dynamic theme is bright, but not too bright. Each of the icons on the screen takes on a cyberpunk aesthetic as you watch an android woman sit before a spinning hologram of earth.

National Basketball Association

NBA Dynamic Themes let you show off your love for your favorite b-ball team. There’s no musical background, but actions now have the sounds of the court and icons take on the colors of your favorite team.

National Hockey League

The NHL Dynamic Themes are smoothly animated, showcasing your teams logo slowly spinning on ice. As you switch between your dash and the top menu you get hockey sounds that affect the logo.

Animated Flowers

Animated Flowers is just a really pretty theme that adds a bit of art to the normally drab background of the PS4’s dashboard. It has a light musical score and some glowing blue icons that accompany it, and is one of those themes you wouldn’t mind having playing in the background. the best dynamic themes on ps4 will not be stopped.

3D Parkour Ninja

Parkour is all the rage, and the 3D Parkour Ninja lets you see just why. The calming background music and darker menu icons perfectly pair with the endlessly running shinobi.

National Football League

NFL Dynamic Themes are among the most interesting ones out there. Not only do you get some sharp, 3D animations depicting your favorite team’s helmet and field, but you also get a real, updating schedule to keep on top of your team’s progress. This theme is definitely one of the best ps4 dynamic themes.

Corridor Z

The Corridor Z dynamic theme is perfect for those who like a dash of spooky in their life. The sharp black icons really pop on the white background that holds back a terrifying being. Don’t worry, though, it can’t break through… we think.

Cat Lasers

Cat Lasers is exactly what you think it is. An adorable cat shooting lasers out of its eyes as some music plays. You also get some pretty neat menu icons.

One Piece

One Piece Thousand Sunny places a cool flowing background on your PS4 dashboard that swaps out different members of the Straw Hat Pirate crew. Every now and then you’ll even get the Thousand Sunny sailing across your screen.

Ocean Flight

Ocean Flight is just a really relaxing theme that has you flying over an endless body of water. It has a beautiful serenity to it, which is perfect for when you need to pause a game like Bloodborne for a second to regain your sanity. if you’re looking for good dynamic themes, this one will definitely do.

Muy Pop: Rock Star

Sometimes you just want something cute and colorful. The Muy Pop: Rock Star dynamic theme fits both of those requirements without being overly bright and dizzying. It’s difficult not to get excited for your play session when you see this cute pup pop up on your screen.


The Flame PS4 theme is a simple yet captivating one. There’s just something about watching a slow flame burn that is oddly relaxing. flames might not seem like the best dynamic theme, but it’s oddly amazing.

Major League Baseball

MLB Dynamic Themes allow you to show your love for your favorite team with some beautiful dynamic themes. They have one for each club and the background track makes it sound like you’re sitting in a game.

Black Ops III – Descent

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – DLC 3 Descent was one of the more unique expansion to the game, and its dynamic theme was equally as badass as you watched a post-apocalyptic war ensue beneath a giant robot and a fierce dragon. Plus, those icon changes are pretty sweet.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Outbreak Day is an important one within that deadly universe. It turned friends and family members into monsters, yet this theme manages to capture a sort of surreal beauty to the spread of infection that left misery in its wake.

God of War Anniversary

This God of War Anniversary theme sees a furious Kratos staring at Olympus as he prepares to wreak havoc. With the powerful musical score in the background, this is the perfect theme to get you ready for whatever game you’re going to challenge next.

3D Planets and Stars

The 3D Planets and 3D Star Nebula is one of those really relaxing dynamic themes on the PS4. Your top menu icons change into space-inspired images including planets, comets, and even aliens. But it’s the slow spin of the planets and the small stars shooting towards you that make this one worth it.

The Firewatch Dynamic Theme captures the simple, colorful visuals of this hit indie title. As real-world hours pass, this theme will travel through a glowing sunset and into a peaceful night rolling over the hills.

The 3D Retaliation Rampage theme turns your home screen into a battleground. Use the DualShock controller to wield attacks against oncoming enemies, and treat yourself to a special victory screen after reaching 100 kills.

The Hunter’s Dream Dynamic Theme flows through the world of Bloodborne to the tune of some moody strings. The Doll also travels through these sceneries, adding a little “life” to each setting.

If you love Power Rangers, explosions, lightning, and raging guitar music, this theme is really all you need in life.

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