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Top 52 Best PS4 Themes of All Time

best ps4 themes

Top 52 Best PS4 Themes of All Time

Best PS4 Themes of All Time

Looking for the best PS4 themes? Here are the top free, dynamic, and paid PlayStation 4 themes on the store right now. Whether you’re looking for a theme of a AAA game or a dynamic theme that will change as the time does, these are the best ps4 themes of all time.

1. Firewatch Dynamic

This PS4 theme delivers all of the colorful beauty of Firewatch, displaying the mountainous setting and a color scheme that changes as the hours pass. Simple but memorable, just like its game.

2. PlayStation 20th Anniversary

Released in celebration of PlayStation’s 20th anniversary, this one takes on every ounce of PS nostalgia, from its color scheme to the iconic system music.

3. The Last of Us Outbreak Dynamic

The Last of Us featured a world destroyed by the infamous cordyceps virus, and now you can watch said virus infect your own console, growing creepily across your screen.

4. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Shipwreck

This serene backdrop shows a beautiful shipwreck taken straight from Nathan Drake’s last adventure. While the opulent ship lays in the distance, beautiful fish swim on by while you browse your PS4 menu. The icons change to match the Uncharted style, too.

5. Paper Sculpture

Paper Sculpture is a simple but beautiful option, donning an adorable crafts style and an imaginative world of whimsy.

6. Axiom Verge

This one, modeled after the hit indie game Axiom Verge, replicates its old-school style and throws in a remix of the game’s unique music.

7. 3D Retaliation Rampage Interactive Dynamic

One of the few that lets you duel oncoming enemies as you sit in your homescreen. Players can use their DualShock controller to attack, and will get a special victory screen after defeating 100 opponents.

8. Bloodborne Hunter’s Dream Dynamic

Ripped straight from the unsettling but gorgeous world of Bloodborne, this dynamic theme is perfect for Hunters of all kinds.

9. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dynamic

In what is the ultimate blast from the ’90s, this dynamic theme is for every Power Ranger lover out there. And yes, it is the ORIGINAL cast of characters, all up in your face with explosions, lightning, and shaky cam action.

10. PlayStation Now Dynamic

This one is for true PS fans, as a giant orb with the famous logo sparks some electrical lines all around. You’ll also notice screenshots all around it from famous PlayStation titles (that you can totally play on PlayStation Now, too).

11. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Ink Dynamic

Relive all of Nathan Drake’s tales with this beautiful background. Splashes of ink turn to art right before your eyes, revealing iconic moments from the Uncharted series as though they were parts of Drake’s own adventure journal.

12. Breakfast Delights

This one may not feature a AAA game or an indie darling. But it will cycle through delectable breakfast foods each day of the week, and that’s okay with us.

13. Red Umbrella Painting

Based off of the famous Red Rain by Stefano Corso, this one shimmers with life, even without dynamic features.

14. Dynamic Laser Cat

It’s a cat. It shoots lasers out of its eyes to dubstep. It’s the perfect storm of insanity.

15. Journey Dynamic

Journey is beloved for its tranquil yet impactful gameplay. This dynamic theme lets you reminisce on the lone but majestic story at any time.


Similar to the Firewatch theme, this one’s all about colorful simplicity.


If you’re into desolation and sadness with a touch of whimsy, this theme offers you the protagonist of Don’t Starve, sadly rowing through a shipwrecked sea to his own cartoonish tune.


Infamous Second Son’s signature splashes of color and angst come forward in this one, featuring protagonist Delsin Rowe having way too much fun.


Final Fantasy VII is returning to this generation with the upcoming remake, and this theme sets your home screen up with an iconic image of Cloud and his Buster Sword.

20. Art Classics Daily Photo

For the more refined PS4 tastes, Art Classics will turn your home page into a different oil canvas painting every day of the week.

21. Art Classics Daily Photo 2

In case you get sick of that last theme’s assortment of art, this sequel carries even more oil canvas goodness.


For every horse lover out in the world, there’s someone who thinks horse love is ironically hilarious. For both of these people, there is the Animated Horses Dynamic Theme, featuring questionably animated horses infinitely galloping across your screen.


This theme is psychic. Probably. Maybe not really. BUT, it will answer your questions in 16-bit with Magic 8 Ball-like skill.


If you’re a One Piece fan, you’ll love watching the Going Merry ship sailing back and forth throughout the day. If you’re not a One Piece fan, it’s a fantastic animated pirate theme.

25. Transistor

Transistor is oozing with style, from its clean visuals to its jazzy music. Futuristic tones spill into every corner of its design, much like they do in this one.

26. Payday 2: The Most Wanted

Another fantastic static theme that makes use of dark striking colors to pretty up your dashboard. Check it out here.

27. Dark Souls III Transitory Lands

The Dark Souls series might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to revel in its morbid beauty with this theme. Check it out here.

28. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0’s PS4 theme looks really badass with its black, white, and grey aesthetic. Check it out here.

29. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Celebration

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, check out this static theme. It’s simple, yet sufficiently creepy.

30. LawBreakers

This one isn’t dynamic, but it still has a nifty design for anyone who loves LawBreakers.

31. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game – Geralt and Ciri

The PS4 is stacked with quite a few Witcher-related themes, and a new Gwent one has just been added.

32. Far Cry 5 Dynamic

Far Cry 5 released back in 2018, but this theme is still great!

33. Crash Bandicoot Dynamic

Everyone’s favorite bandicoot is back, and you can get a free dynamic theme by downloading the game’s launch pack.

34. Everybody’s Golf Dynamic

With the launch of Everybody’s Golf on PS4, players will also be able to download a free dynamic theme to customize their dashboards with.

35. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

PS Plus members can enjoy a little creepiness on their dashboards with this new Resident Evil theme.

36. Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Dynamic

Sometimes simplicity is the best, and this Dear Esther theme really epitomizes that idea.

37. Dishonored 2 Karnaca

Karnaca is a beautiful seaside location in Dishonored 2.

38. Watch Dogs 2 Marcus

Can’t get enough of Ubisoft’s colorful rendition of San Francisco? Maybe this Watch Dogs 2 theme will help with that. It’s free and one of the best free PS4 themes.

39. Tales of Berseria Complete Cast

Tales of Berseria is easily one of the best entries in the long-running franchise, and this theme looks pretty darn cool too. .

40. Legacy Dashboard

The Legacy Dashboard Theme is a faithful recreation of the PlayStation 2 menu design. It includes the famous start-up sequence, the return of the seven starts, and a fully functional crystal clock. If you’re nostalgic for those days, it’s a great choice.

41. Doom Argent Energy Dynamic

The Doom Argent Energy Dynamic Theme allows you to have the burning fires of hell decorate your PlayStation 4 menu. The red sky swirls as a storm brews. It is certainly one of the moodier themes.

42. Dragon King Encounter Dynamic

Ever wanted to have your PlayStation 4 guarded by a fire breathing dragon? Well, you can now, kind of… The Dragon King Encounter Dynamic Theme features a yellow eyed, menacing dragon that stares down upon your dashboard, smoke pouring from its nostrils.

43. North American Lights Dynamic

It is common to see gamers with themes that celebrate their nationality but none are a different or as beautiful as the North American Lights Dynamic Theme. The background pans over the whole of the US at night and shows the lights shining throughout the country. Also, it is in 4K and looks stunning.

44. The Last of Us Part II Stop Sign

Screenshots from Naughty Dog games tend to make for great themes. This theme features the opening shots from the debut The Last of Us Part II trailer and it is beautiful.

45. Cyberpunk Alley Dynamic

Cyberpunk styling is popular and it’s easy to see why when looking at this theme. The alley way, bathed in purple neon light and soaked by the rain, is a sight to behold.

46. Uncharted 10th Anniversary

As of late 2017, it has been ten years since the first Uncharted game came to PlayStation 3. You can relive the iconic series with this theme that features various drawings of items from the game.

47. Earth from Orbit Dynamic

Ever wanted to see what Earth looks like from space without stepping away from your PlayStation 4? You can now look at the beauty of our planet on your dashboard. The theme slowly pans across the horizon from orbit.

48. Windjammers

Windjammers has quite a standout look. The vibrant colors and beach setting make the stylish old-school design pop. This theme adds a pixel effect to the dashboard icons and bathes the menu in the light from the game’s setting.

49. Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown Dynamic Theme 2

The Ace Combat series comes with awesome music, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this theme for free, on top of the sound of jet engines in the background. It’s a must-have for Ace Combat fans.

50: Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Dynamic Theme

One of the best themes overall available on PS4, and it’s completely free. It comes with charming music from the game, and a romantic look at Tifa gazing at the stars, with her long hair blowing in the wind.

51: Ghost of Tsushima Jin Dynamic Theme

Some of the best themes include natural audio and this one is accompanied only by the wind, the rustling of autumn leaves, thunder in the distance, and the perfect accompaniment from a Japanese Shakuhaci. The visuals are also beautiful, with an animated version of Ghost of Tsushima’s key art. The fact that it’s free certainly sweetens the deal.

52: The Last of Us Part II Beach Theme

Themes created for Naughty Dog games are always among the best, and this one is no exception. It’s also free, which doesn’t hurt. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach and the wind form the perfect background for this somber scene.

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