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15 Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes You Need to Try

mystic islands fortnite creative

15 Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes You Need to Try

15 Best Fortnite Creative Maps to Try Right Now

1. Mystic Islands: 6609-4915-0804

CCruzFight designed this unique free-for-all map that’ll really put your Grappler skills to the test. “There are 8 medium islands, 1 main island, 3 caves, and a few hidden locations,” the creator tells us. There are also an almost endless number of “lines of sight and vantage points.” Mystic Islands is great for 1v1’s but “it really starts to get fun with 4 or more.”

2. Lefty Leave: 5184-5792-0669

Creator Senix put a lot of time into this map– and it shows. This submission for The Block has a creepy post-apocalyptic feel, with abandoned buildings, vehicles, and machinery that someone has “lefty left” to rot. Maybe you’ll see it in Battle Royale soon!

3. Dust II: 1068-0274-9341

Dust II is one of the most iconic (and best) maps of the Counter-Strike franchise. Many attempts have been made to remake this legendary map in Fortnite Creative, but we think that VariousPurple does it best. Give this island a try and get ready to “rush B”.

4. Epic Bridge: 9795-3537-9919

We’re not sure if creator Tollmolia was inspired by the Hogwarts bridge, Dark Souls, or just their really awesome imagination. Whatever the inspiration, this bridge is certainly “epic”.

5. Advanced Warm Up Course: 5618-2963-5299

Warm up like the pros do with CanDook’s custom-made course. Practice this course every day, and before you know it, your edits will be buttery smooth. Try it out before your next session and see if it helps– also, see if you can beat this popular YouTuber’s record.

6. Avengers Tower: 1987-1708-9374

This amazingly detailed tribute to the Stark/Avengers tower was designed by p_recs and stoobers22 in December but just recently got the recognition from Epic that it deserves. Standing nearly 50 stories high (with 20 of the floors fully furnished), this recreation features just about all of the details seen in the Avengers’ movies.

Tony’s Tower features a rooftop landing pad (equipped with X-4 Stormwings), a decadent penthouse, and even an Arc Reactor powering it all. Drop into this island to explore, and stay for the awesome hide-and-seek or deathmatch potential.

7. Chateau Guillard: 9547-8714-0946

Chateau Guillard is a remake of the Overwatch deathmatch arena by the same name. Designed by Ollek, this island is both incredibly true to the original and works incredibly well with Fortnite’s gameplay. Check out this map for free-for-all action, and only pick up weapons at spawn points to make it more exciting (and more like Overwatch).

8. Grimy Greens: 8641-0487-1161

Grimy Greens is perfect for free-for-alls, squads, or even 1v1’s– and Epic Games seems to agree. This fantastic map was the very first submission to be added to The Block in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

Grimy Greens even comes with its own backstory. As creator inspectorkhan tells it, this island is “a secret Vindertech facility disguised as a botanical garden,” and “the facility is rumored to have ties to the production of stink grenades and has been abandoned ever since the rift closing up.” …Intriguing to say the least.

9. Into the Ice Cave: 5717-5510-9405

TTN Bludrive (The creator of Mystery Market and Snipers vs. Runners) has created yet another meticulously detailed map. What’s even more amazing is there’s more to this map than just shooting each other.

Into the Ice Cave is designed to be a parkour course in which players try to collect 5 “artifacts” hidden in chests throughout the map. Each artifact allows further progress into the mine toward the eventual goal of finding the Ice Cavern.

10. Nuketown Reimagined: 2012-6281-8095

Like Dust II, Nuketown is another iconic first-person-shooter map that has been meticulously recreated in Fortnite. This Call of Duty: Black Ops map has been attempted by many others, but we like creator jespergran’s the best. Why? As the map’s creator describes: Nuketown Reimagined “has all the lines of sights from the OG map, works for 1v1s, Team Deathmatch and free for all.”

You can definitely tell that “60+” hours we’re put into this island.

11. Cizzorz Death Run Challenge 2.0: 6509-1069-6161

Cizzorz (from FaZe clan) designed this dangerous gauntlet of a map; and like his streams, this course is very popular. Similar to CanDook’s warm-up course, Cizzorz Death Run Challenge 2.0 is a place where tons of players and YouTubers put their skills to the test to try and achieve the best time.

But, what’s special about Cizzorz’s course is that the player with the fastest recorded time will earn themselves $5,000. Unfortunately, it’s too late to register if you haven’t already, but the winner will be announced soon in “early February.”

12. Lordly Labyrinth: 1991-9282-9857

Lordly Labyrinth is another detailed creation from jespergran, the same player who brought us our favorite Fortnite version of the Nuketown map.

This island features an ancient castle at its center, surrounded by an intricate frost-covered hedge maze. Lordly Labyrinth is perfect for a game of hide-and-seek, or for reenacting a famous scene from The Shining.

13. Snipers Vs Runners: 7352-4203-8482

TTN Bludrive is great at not only creating detailed maps but entirely new game modes. Like this creator’s parkour map “Into the Ice Caves”, there’s more to Snipers Vs Runners than simple deathmatch brawling.

The rules are simple. There’s a 5-minute time limit and two teams. The runners have to “get to the end of the course;” while the snipers have to “take out the runners and stop them reaching the end.” Which side will you choose?

14. Escape The Dream: 5496-4876-0626

Escape The Dream offers a totally novel Fortnite experience. Prepare for a maze that’s equal parts creative, surreal, and incredibly hard to escape (check out our guide if you need some help). Creator QJAG pushes the boundaries of Fortnite’s in-game assets to make a maze you won’t soon forget.

15. Rifty’s Race: 1330-3984-1519

As you probably guessed from the name, Rifty’s Race is an ATK race course created by popular streamer Rifty. What you may not have expected is how much speed, how much air, and how much chaotic fun this map contains. Grab some friends and take this course for a spin!

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