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10 Best PS4 Themes From June 2019

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10 Best PS4 Themes From June 2019

A new month brings another scoop of awesome PS4 themes to personalize your PlayStation home screen with, so let’s run through the 10 best PS4 themes from June 2019 and share with you which we think deserve a spot on your console.

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Cyberpunk 2077 — “Mercenary of the Dark Future” Theme

Cyberpunk 2077 hype is starting to wind up as CD Projekt Red confirmed its release date as early next year and dropped a whole load of new information about the game during E3 2019. Typical of the developer, they’ve released a free theme for PS4 owners to download. So what are you waiting for?

Retro Night Ride Dynamic Theme

Sticking with the 80s Cyberpunk aesthetic, check out the awesome Retro Night Ride Dynamic Theme which is as much about the pounding synthwave music as it is the cool graphic.

Hacker Team 4K Theme

This Watch Dogs meets Mr. Robot-looking theme is a good look for anyone looking forward to the release of Legion early next year.

4k Amazing Maldives Beach Dynamic Theme

It’s summertime, but for those stuck at work with no vacation in sight over the sunny months then perhaps this pretty image of a beach in the Maldives will cheer you up. Or maybe this PS4 theme will just make you more depressed, on second thoughts…

Lazy Pizza Cat HiQ Dynamic Theme

There is surely a competition going on to discover who can create the weirdest PS4 cat themes. We’ve seen everything from Kaiju cats tearing down cities to space traveling kitties with laser beam-shooting eyes before, but I think we’ve got a real contender this month with Lazy Pizza cat. Look at her just sitting there, loving life, bathing in pepperoni.

Dead in the Water Theme

The Dead in the Water Theme is slightly disturbing, but it’s a damn cool piece of art that makes for a shocking backdrop to your PS4 home page.

Super Cybersaurus Rex 4K Dynamic Theme

Yes! So much yes to this outrageous Super Cybersaurus Rex that really should have its very own video game.

Pride Theme 2019

A must-have PS4 theme for supporters of Pride, and it’s totally free!

Kanji Code 5 – Dynamic Theme

The Kanji Code is a selection of logographic Chinese characters used in Japanese scripts. This theme portrays them almost like Matrix-esque lines of computer code, which it conveys with the help of an appropriately funky electro beat.

Night Storm HiQ Dynamic Theme

If you’re after something moody, the Night Storm dynamic theme is just the ticket.

That does it for our list of the best PS4 themes for June 2019. Be sure to check back in with us next month.

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