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Everything Revealed During the Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone CODNext Event

The next phase of the Call of Duty franchise.

The 2023 CODNext event gave fans the inside scoop into the world of Modern Warfare 3, combining new and old mechanics for the franchise. There’s plenty of content to look forward to, whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, and you can expect a much more user-friendly experience with the latest improvements. So, if you want to prepare yourself for the Beta or the official launch, we’ll go over everything that was revealed during CODNext.

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New Perk System

Boots in Modern Warfare 3
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Cosmetics have more or less been centered around complete outfits that ultimately change the skin of your Operator. However, Modern Warfare 3 will change this feature with its new Perk system, which is divided into three categories: boots, gloves, and gear. Players can anticipate four vests: Infantry, Engineer, Gunner, and Demolition (with more possibly coming for launch and post-launch.) Each has its own perks at the start of each session, including the gloves and boots.

To give you a better example of this perk system, the Lightweight Boots are perfect for stealthy players, reducing the sound of your character’s movement. Then, there’s the Quick-Grip Gloves that increase the speed of weapon swaps, while the Scavenger Gloves allow you to obtain more supplies from fallen players.

The Latest Warzone Map

Urzikstan Map in Warzone
Image Source: Activision

A new map will make its way over to Warzone, known as “Urzikstan,” exhibiting 11 POIs that players can explore, like Levin Resort, Zaravan City, and Low Town. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this destination in the CoD universe, considering that it has been used in previous titles with the first and second Modern Warfare. Nevertheless, these iconic places have been adjusted thanks to the next-gen engines, enhancing the graphics of previous environments.

Urzikstan will usher in some new and improved features for CoD players, specifically with the ability to control a train, a feat that has never been done before. Aside from this content, the map will have a 3-lane Gulag layout and introduce a horizontal zip line tactic. The location will be available during Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 in December, with more updates expected to come.

Cutthroat Mode

New Mode in Modern Warfare 3
Image Source: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 will introduce an all-new mode to the CoD universe with Cutthroat, a 3v3v3 round-based elimination match. Upon start, players will essentially spawn in a triangle formation, and the primary goal is to eliminate the other two teams. The spawn layout will usher in a unique challenge for longtime players since it isn’t a common technique, but it does take some inspiration from Gunfight mode.

Custom loadouts are available during this mode, so you can take advantage of your gear set to maximize your team dynamic. The flags will also move throughout the match, changing your strategy with each rotation.

New Ground War Maps

The Return of Ground War in MW3
Image Source: Activision

The 32v32 match, Ground War, will be included in Modern Warfare 3, with three new maps expected to arrive at launch. Two locations, Poppov Power Plant and Military Base, are playable during the Beta period, featuring a much larger battlefield to fit the mode’s hefty player count. Due to its size, you can utilize vehicles to get around much quicker, and you can expect two new cars for the Beta.

Call of Duty: Warzone will eventually include Ground War in the playlist, but there isn’t an exact date for this version as of yet. Invasion will also be a part of MW3, with its classic 20v20 match.

An Explosive Equipment Set

Modern Warfare 3 Equipment
Image Source: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 features a ton of goodies for battles, primarily with the various drones exhibited during CODNext. For starters, the Breacher Drone (Lethal Equipment) is a slow-moving explosive that will explode on impact or when within a certain proximity of an enemy. The A.C.S. (Automated Computer Spike) Field Upgrade can also be utilized on objective points to increase your team’s score and hack an opposing side’s equipment.

If you want to tick off your enemy, you can launch a Mosquito Drone, which functions similarly to a real mosquito as it circles around a specific area and dive bombs toward foes. Other than these features, the Comm Scrambler Field Upgrade can mess with your opponent even more, where you can deny their Killstreaks and Field Upgrades within proximity.

New Post-Launch Maps & the Return of Map Voting

New Maps Arriving for MW3 Post-Launch
Image Source: Activision

The team behind Modern Warfare 3 has previously showcased the 16 maps for launch, including Rust, Favela, Estate, Skidrow, and Highrise, which will be available during the Beta. Even more so, the CODNext event revealed an additional 12 maps that will be released post-launch, with 6v6 mechanics.

These locations will gradually unlock for each passing season, with an expected three maps to arrive for Season 1 and then another three for Season 2. You can also look forward to the return of the beloved Map Voting mechanic, permitting players to vote for the next location in a match to create more of a choice-based experience.

The Return of a Fan-Favorite Mode

War Mode Modern Warfare 3
Image Source: Activision

War mode is another fan-favorite feature that will be re-imagined in Modern Warfare 3, where players must complete a variety of objectives. Those who played Call of Duty: WWII back in 2017 will undoubtedly remember this mode, featuring an all-out battle against Attackers and Defenders on an extensive map.

Objectives can vary based on this role (Attackers will be more combat-focused and Defenders will lean on protective-based gameplay), including securing capture points, escorting tanks, and placing an ICBM. This mode is excellent for players looking for a more linear-based experience, given that it requires you to achieve a series of tasks gradually.

Improved Movement & Gameplay Mechanics

COD Movement Improvements
Image Source: Activision

Every CoD player knows the struggles of getting killed during reload or sliding interactions, but now, the mechanic has been improved through MW3’s canceling technique. That means you can cancel out sliding and reloading any time an enemy Operator or AI spots you, giving you more of a chance to survive in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

On top of that, the classic mini-map will come back for the latest installment, where you can keep track of the opposing side with red dots on the map. Health has also been increased to help you last longer in battle, as well as the addition of the Dead Silence feature that can be utilized with the Boots item. Furthermore, those who prefer a balance between ADS and Hip-Fire techniques can perform a Tac-Stance for up close and personal shots.

A Sneak Peek into Zombies

Zombies Mode in MW3
Image Source: Activision

The first-ever Modern Warfare Zombies mode showcases many callbacks to previous editions, such as Perk Colas, Ray Gun, the Mystery Box, and Wonder Weapon. When you dive into this haunting experience, your primary objective is to, of course, survive and prevent the outbreak from spreading using active comms to communicate with your fellow teammates.

While looking out for zombies, you must watch your back with Viktor Zakhaev’s mercenary soldiers and the treacherous Aether Storm. Unfortunately, this also includes a large zombie enemy that is said to be the biggest that has ever appeared in the franchise.

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