Zombies Cinematic Trailer
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Call of Duty’s Deadliest Antagonist Returns in MW3 Zombies Cinematic

Move over, Makarov.

Modern Warfare’s first-ever Zombies mode has finally received a cinematic trailer, showcasing a sneak peek into the fan-favorite side adventure. What makes this trailer even more exciting is the fact that a major antagonist of the franchise, Viktor Zakhaev, makes an appearance as he takes off a mask to reveal himself.

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Viktor played a big part in the 2007 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as the son of Imran, the main antagonist of the installment. He then made his way to Special Ops until he eventually took on the role of the treacherous villain in Warzone’s Modern Warfare storyline. Since then, fans have wondered if Zakhaev would ever come back to the series, and now that question has been answered in the Zombies trailer.

Zakhaev hatches a new plan this time around, seeking to obtain a mysterious vial filled with Aetherium. Unfortunately for him, the scheme doesn’t work out well when his team goes head-to-head with the military police, leading him to throw the vial toward them. Through the powers of the substance, an outbreak occurs and results in some zombie mayhem. But, instead of being overwhelmed by their deadly attacks, Viktor sees it as an opportunity that can be used as a weapon, similar to his ideology that we’ve seen in past games.

Viktor Zakhaev in Zombies Cinematic Trailer
Image Source: Activision

Based on the events of the trailer and Call of Duty Blog, Zakhaev will play another huge role in MW3’s Zombies mode, where Task Force 141 will initiate Operation Deadbolt. It will be intriguing to see them reunite again for this experience, especially after what happened between Captain Price and Viktor in Warzone.

If you’re looking forward to Viktor Zakhaev’s return, you can preorder Modern Warfare 3 2023 edition to obtain the Zombie Ghost Operator skin, preparing you for the undead battle.

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