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Is Twitch Down? How to Check Twitch Server Status

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Is Twitch Down? How to Check Twitch Server Status

How will I watch Hello Kitty Island Adventure now?!

In today’s landscape where video games dominate like never before, a website dedicated to highlighting gaming experiences (with some cooking and hot tubs thrown in) has captivated like few others. You can jump on whenever you like and find someone playing your favorite game, unless of course there’s an issue on their end. So let’s investigate if Twitch is down, and how to check the Twitch server status.

How to Check Twitch Server Status

As of the time of writing, Twitch is up and running, but apparently at a reduced capacity. A tweet from Twitch support reveals that they are aware of issues that are “preventing some services from loading”.

From our investigation, this is not presently affecting general navigation of the website or the streamers currently using it, so it is unclear which services are, or were, impacted. Some of the replies to the above tweet are citing log-in issues, while others expressed that they are unable to load Twitch at all or received error screens. Various commenters reveal that reloading the website multiple times appears to alleviate the issue.

The Twitch Support Twitter feed is a great source of information, and Twitch also provides a dedicated site that lists any services that are currently having issues. Presently, all systems are listed as operational.

Third-party websites like Downdetector will show spikes as users report any problems they were having with Twitch. Within the hour there was a sizable increase, though these have since dropped in volume.

As per the information above, it would seem as though Twitch Support has solved the previous issues, but we will keep an eye on the situation to see if any further updates or unforeseen ailments arrive. Now that you know if Twitch is down and how to check the Twitch server status, you can take a gander at the links down below. You may find the answer to any errors you’re currently experiencing, and we don’t even ask for any bits in return!

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