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Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401 Release Date & Spoilers

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401 Release Date and Spoilers
Promotional Art via Yoshihiro Togashi and Shonen Jump

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401 Release Date & Spoilers

The series will return sooner than you’d think.

It’s been a little while since Chapter 400 of Hunter x Hunter was released. Following a brief return from a years-long hiatus, the series was forced to take yet another break due to Yoshihiro Togashi’s health. Fortunately, the author has announced his return and even provided a firm update regarding the status of the next part of the series. This is all well and good, but if you’re like most other fans, you’re dying to find some information regarding Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401’s release date and spoilers.

Worry not, as we’re here to help with all of the information we currently have available.

When Does Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401 Come Out? Answered

While Chapter 401 of Hunter x Hunter doesn’t have a firm release date yet, we can at least hazard a guess based on a tweet from Togashi and other existing information.

In a tweet posted to his account on Mar. 8, it was revealed that the chapter had been completed and was submitted to Shonen Jump for its final edits and publication. However, it wasn’t stated whether or not the chapter was set to come out in the coming weeks or if it was being held for a certain period while he completed more chapters.

This is in line with how the series initially returned back in 2022. While Togashi made a tweet showing that he’d completed Chapter 391 in July of 2022, it wasn’t until October that Shonen Jump officially announced the series’ return. It also took another two weeks before the latest chapter was made available through the company’s print and digital publications.

Based on this, it’s safe to say it could be roughly three more months before we see the series return in earnest. This would put Chapter 401’s release date somewhere between mid-May and early June, with an official release date announcement also unlikely to happen until this timeframe.

What Will Happen in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401?

As for what might happen in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401, there are plenty of potential story threads that could be picked up.

The most likely one is that of Kurapika working with Prince Tubeppa’s security forces. This was revealed and used as the cliffhanger in Chapter 400, though we still don’t know all the specifics of why Kurapika entered into this agreement or what it will entail for him and his allies. The series also hasn’t focused on the lone survivor of the Kurta Clan in quite some time, so it would make sense to bring the story back into focus around him.

We could also see a heavier focus put on the Phantom Troupe and their hunt for Hisoka. While this was the main plot thread of the last few chapters released before the most recent hiatus, there’s still a lot more that hasn’t been explored regarding the conflict between these two antagonistic forces.

Time will tell, but we’ll know for sure once the Chapter manages to see a full release later this year.

For now, though, that’s all the information we have concerning Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401’s release date and spoilers. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles down below.

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