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How to Craft Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest

Bones Armor recipe
Image Source: Endnight Games

How to Craft Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest

Make no bones about it.

You’d think that surviving a plane that’s crashed onto a beautiful tropical island would be like winning the lottery, but that’s not the case when said island is swarming with mutated creatures and feral cannibals. In your bid for survival, however, you’ll likely be looking for protection in the form of weapons and armor. One of the better armor sets that’s fairly easy to obtain in the early game is made of bone. So, for those wondering how to craft Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest, here’s what you need to know.

How to Make Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest

Bone Armor, Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games via Twinfinite

If you want to make Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest, you’re going to need three things in particular: 4 Bones, 1 Duct Tape, and 1 Rope. Once you’ve combined these items in your inventory, hit the Gear icon and you’ll craft a segment of Bone Armor.

Each segment of Bone Armor offers some additional protection, but when they break, they don’t regenerate, so they function similar to a consumable item in many ways. You can equip up to ten pieces of Bone Armor at one time.

How to Get Bones Quickly in Sons of the Forest

While Duct Tape and Rope can be found in Yellow Crates, Cannibal Villages, and in caves, Bones can be farmed from defeating Cannibals. The trick is to throw the body of a dead Cannibal onto a fire and once it’s burned, the body will break up into chunks, which allows you to obtain lots and lots of Bones.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this has helped to shed some light on how to craft Bone Armor in Sons of the Forest. For more, here’s how to craft and equip arrows in the game. Or, if you’d prefer, feel free to peruse the links down below.

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