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Clan Kryze Family Tree: Who is Bo-Katan?

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Clan Kryze Family Tree: Who is Bo-Katan?

She and Mandalore go waaayyy back.

The third season of The Mandalorian has brought back a fan-favorite character in Bo-Katan Kryze, but if this is the first time a viewer is seeing her, they may not know the history that her presence brings with it. Here’s everything you need to know regarding what Clan Kryze is and who Bo-Katan is.

What is Clan Kryze?

Clan Kryze was a part of House Kryze, a political faction that held power on the planet Mandalore prior to the rise of the Empire. While led by Duchess Satine, Clan Kryze represented pacifism and peace, which went directly against the martial ideals of the Mandalorian people.

After its fall from power, Clan Kryze remained in existence, but no longer in a position to stand against the Empire. Bo-Katan continued her quest to reunite the Mandalorian people, with the clan name remaining only as a title.

Who is a Member of Clan Kryze?

While Clan Kryze was a significant power on Mandalore, there are only a few key members that have been mentioned. Adonai Kryze was the father of Satine Kryze and Bo-Katan Kryze, and was killed during the Great Clan Wars defending Mandalore.

After the death of Duke Adonai, Satine became the Duchess of Mandalore and attempted to usher in an era of peace and pacifism, which Bo-Katan disagreed with and joined the Death Watch as a result. This era did not last long due to the onset of the Clone Wars, and Satine was killed by Darth Maul during the conflict.

Later, Bo-Katan was given the Darksaber by Sabine Wren which gave her claim as Mand’alor, however not all of the Mandalorian clans felt Bo-Katan had earned the Darksaber because she did not win it through conflict. Her support proved to be insufficient to stop the Empire from destroying the planet in the Great Purge, and afterwards, she set herself to unifying the Mandalorians that survived.

What is Left of Clan Kryze?

After the Great Purge, the system of clans that were in place on Mandalore fell out of practice. Bo-Katan worked with other Mandalorians to attempt to rebuild was was lost, but after Din Djarin won the Darksaber from Moff Gideon instead of herself, Bo-Katan was unable to win over the rest of the Mandalorian people.

Though Bo-Katan still survives alone in a Mandalorian castle, Clan Kryze itself no longer does. While it will be interesting to see how Bo-Katan works with Din Djarin in the future, that’s everything we know about Clan Kryze. For more on all things Mandalorian, the Force is strong with the guides below.

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