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Best Stalcraft Maps To Use (Interactive, Resource & More)

All of the Best Stalcraft Maps (Interactive, Resource & More)
Image via EXBO

Best Stalcraft Maps To Use (Interactive, Resource & More)

The best map to rule them all.

In Stalcraft, the entire area of the Zone is full of terrors, opportunists, and a blanket of radiation. Surviving is tough given how quickly someone can end your life and take your hard-earned loot. Whether you’re looking to gather rare materials or quest items, having an interactive map would be a huge help. For that very reason, we gathered all of the best Stalcraft maps that feature exact locations for resources, checkpoints, and more.

In-Game Stalcraft Map

one of the best stalcraft maps to use in stalcraft
Image Source: EXBO via Twinfinite

Don’t knock Stalcraft’s in-game map; it’s honestly helpful in ways that other in-depth, interactive maps aren’t. Outside of being a finely detailed map, as opposed to flat colors and poor topography, you have several features at your disposal such as: current events, friendly and enemy base locations, and quest objectives.

What other Stalcraft maps fail to include are vendors, other than the Garages and Photon-2 (which are just bases, anyway). Zoom in close enough to a friendly base and the map will reveal every trader that’s available to you, allowing you to better plan your route when you’re scavenging.

Best of all, the in-game Stalcraft map let’s you place dozens of color-coded waypoints. What’s particularly nice is being able to name said waypoints, along with choosing a variety of shapes to indicate content like loot, places of interest, or points of attack.

Stalcraft Interactive Map by Bupyc

one of the best stalcraft maps: Bupyc's Stalcraft Interactive map
Image Source: Bupyc via Twinfinite

While the in-game map is great and you shouldn’t ignore it, the Stalcraft Interact Map by Bupyc is by far the best tool for creating loot runs. It’s also just a generally good map with a lot of helpful information beyond the scope of friendly/enemy bases and events. If you need the finer details of the map, this is the one to use.

For starters, Bupyc’s map features spawn location for events, like flesh hideouts and zombie encampments. It’s incredibly useful to know this for creating personal reputation farm routes. Now, the information is crowdsource—anyone can place a label—but the information has to be reviewed by the author, so you can’t just add a fake waypoint and call it a day.

The most important resource Bupyc’s map offers are arguably cache spawn locations, a box containing valuable materials like aluminum cables, so make sure you have a metal detector on hand! Again, having that information readily avaliable makes it easy to create your own loot route.

Well, that’s all the best Stalcraft maps available right now. If you were wondering which of the two is the best, the answer to that would be to use them both as they do compliment one another very well. If you found this guide helpful, stick around and check out other related content using the links below.

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