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How to Fix Broken Sims 4 Mods

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How to Fix Broken Sims 4 Mods

Having trouble fixing a broken mod or custom content? Let’s get your issue fixed.

Sims 4 gives its players a lot of creative freedom, allowing them to cheat and add content to the game through modifications. What happens when those mods break, though? Here is everything you need to know about how to fix broken mods in The Sims 4

Fixing Sims 4 Mods That Are Broken

The first thing you’re going to want to try to fix your mod is to move your mod folder to your desktop and clear your caches. Open up a new save and see if you’re still experiencing an issue. 

If you are, then you’ll want to check the Bug Reports forum, as you’re likely not the only one experiencing the issue. 

How To Use the 50/50 Method in Sims 4

Another tactic you can try to find broken mods and custom content revolves around a trial and error sorting system, called the 50/50 method

Start by grouping all of your mods into two separate folders. Put one of the folders into your Sims 4/Mods folder, then test it. 

When you find out which half of the files are having an issue, continue to half them. The number of broken mods you have in each folder will dwindle with each test. 

While it may take a while, this method will narrow things down to the problem file(s) eventually. 

The following steps will help you fix your broken Sims 4 mods:

  1. Move your mod folder to your desktop and clear your caches.

  2. Open up a new save.

  3. Check the Bug Reports forum.

  4. Try the 50/50 method.

    Separate your broken mods into two folders. Keep doing this process with the broken folders until there is only one left.

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