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Right Now is The Best Time To Solo Flawless Dungeons In Destiny 2; Here’s How

Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher
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Right Now is The Best Time To Solo Flawless Dungeons In Destiny 2; Here’s How

It’s now or never Guardians!

The Lightfall DLC of Destiny 2 is rapidly approaching, and the clock is ticking for when an abundance of abilities and weapons will be nerfed when Lightfall arrives. With that in mind, if you’re looking to try and solo a Dungeon and flawlessly complete it, right now is the best time to do so. Today we’ll be going over which weapons, mods, and abilities you need to use before they’re nerfed when the Lightfall DLC comes to Destiny 2.


Destiny 2
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First and foremost, easily the most important reason as to why you should attempt to solo Dungeons right now is the mod shown in the image above, Solo Operative.

This particular Artifact Mod costs five energy to use, but grants a 15% damage buff to all of your weapons naturally by being the only person in your fireteam. Without a doubt, this is a must-run mod if you are attempting to solo a Dungeon, as the mod will give you an automatic damage buff for free, no strings attached if you are playing by yourself.

On top of that, another must-run Artifact mod is Weakened Clear, which some Guardians may remember as Breach and Clear. While it’s equipped, using a Grenade Launcher, Special or Heavy, will weaken an enemy when hit by a blast from it. It also costs five energy to use and is a highly recommended mod to use alongside Solo Operative, as if you use the Exotic Grenade Launcher, Witherhoard, with the Weakened Clear mod, it’ll weaken enemies for you and automatically reload itself once you stow it.

These two mods are essential to anyone attempting to solo a Dungeon, and they will only be available to use until Lightfall arrives on Feb. 28, 2023.


Destiny 2
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Linear Fusion Rifles are receiving a nerf when Lightfall arrives and will deal less damage than before; 15% less, to be precise. With that in mind, until Lightfall comes, they remain the best weapon type to use for DPS against bosses.

The large majority of Dungeon bosses currently in the game can be shredded down with ease via Linear Fusion Rifles, except bosses such as the final boss of the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon, Perses, where his crit spot cannot be easily shot at.

In terms of weapons to choose from, Cataclysmic, Taipan, Reed’s Regret, and Storm Chaser are the best to choose from, with Cataclysmic being the best among them. Thanks to the Bait and Switch perk, swapping between Witherhoard and Cataclysmic will give you the highest DPS possible in most cases, mainly when used with the Weakened Clear mod discussed earlier. There might be better alternatives when Lightfall arrives, but Linear Fusion Rifles reign supreme right now.


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Of course, whatever class you choose to attempt, the solo Dungeon comes down to personal preference. Still, when it comes to giving you the highest probability of surviving and completing the Dungeon by yourself, Solar Warlocks stand above the rest.

The Well of Radiance Super is the biggest draw for the class, as the Super essentially makes you immortal for 30 seconds while also giving you a huge damage buff. This can allow you to deal massive damage to bosses when it’s time to do so.

On top of that, the Exotic chest piece, Starfire Protocol, allows their Fusion Grenades to deal massive damage while granting more Grenade energy so that you can throw more in quick succession. There’s a good chance this Exotic will be nerfed come Lightfall, so make sure to abuse it while you can!

Attempting to solo flawless a Dungeon has never been easier, and you have a little more than two weeks to try and do so before the Lightfall DLC arrives. For more helpful tips and related articles, feel free to peruse any of the related articles down below.

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