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Destiny 2 Lightfall Nerfs Will Affect the Game’s Abilities & Physics Significantly


Destiny 2 Lightfall Nerfs Will Affect the Game’s Abilities & Physics Significantly

They’re nerfing WHAT!?!?

Quality of life changes has been pouring in weekly for Destiny 2’s upcoming Lightfall DLC. In the latest update, Bungie is nerfing two critical factors of a Guardian’s everyday experience, their abilities, and the Physics around them.

For the short and sweet story, Bungie is looking to tone down our current ability usage without nerfing it into the ground. When Lightfall arrives, Tier 10 abilities will be tuned to Tier 8 regeneration. For example, if you have Tier 10 Strength, the regeneration is at 35 seconds. However, when Lightfall arrives, the regeneration time will increase to what Tier 8 Strength currently is, which is 45 seconds. It’s not a huge nerf as Bungie is looking to promote more gunplay over ability play, while at the same time making sure we can still use them when needed.

Next up is Physics. Starting in Lightfall, Physics collision damage will no longer be lethal to Guardians. While fall damage will still be in effect, getting slammed into a wall at high speeds will no longer one-shot you. This is highly beneficial in several ways, starting with bosses.

There are a lot of instances where if you stand too close to a boss, it will stomp you away at high speeds into a wall and kill you. Now, instead of killing you, it will leave you on one hp. This also prevents annoying Guardians who uses a Sword with the Eagers Edge perk from launching you into a wall and kill you.

Overall, these are some excellent quality-of-life changes that Bungie is continuing to add for the upcoming Lightfall DLC. It makes us wonder what else Bungie has in store as we draw ever so closer to the release.

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