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How to Make Defensive Walls in Sons of the Forest

Sons Of The Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

How to Make Defensive Walls in Sons of the Forest

Nose?! That don’t rhyme with walls!

It’s a simple fact of life that walls are beneficial, no matter what form they come in. Brick walls make up the foundation of most houses. Emotional walls will protect you from trauma. John Walls are still good for 11 points coming off the bench. To see what wall of the fuss is about, let us discover how to make defensive walls in Sons of the Forest.

How to Build Defensive Walls in Sons of the Forest

For something so critical, you’ll be pleased to know that building defensive walls in Sons of the Forest is actually a fairly straight-forward process.

Begin by amassing as many logs as you feel is necessary. You’ll need a lot of them if you would like to make a wide wall that surrounds a large area. Thankfully you are in a forest, so their availability is generous.

Once you’re ready to proceed to the construction stage of your progress, with log in hand, take a look down at the ground. Press the right mouse button to reorient the log vertically (by default, you will place it horizontally, which makes it not so much a wall as it is a tripping hazard). A circle on the ground will indicate its eventual destination. Plonk your log into the ground, and repeat the process until it is complete.

To finish off the job, take out your axe and look at the top of the logs. Red lines will indicate that you can sharpen the tops, so use the left mouse button to hack away. Now your wall is complete, and you can begin building other contraptions behind its safety such as an abode to rest within or a high point from which you can snipe at and/or mock your enemies.

With that, you are now the master of making defensive walls in Sons of the Forest. We will anoint you Wally, before sending you on your way to spread the wall gospel. Take all you know with you to the other guides below, and smite the non-wall-believers.

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