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How to Find Feathers in Sons of the Forest

Image Source: Endnight Games

How to Find Feathers in Sons of the Forest

As the crow flies.

When you get marooned on a remote island overflowing with flesh-eating cannibals, there’s only one thing to do: craft some weapons and hunker down because it’s gonna be a long night. That’s exactly what you’ll be faced with once you boot up Endnight Games’ latest survival horror sequel, Sons of the Forest. For those who’ve washed ashore here, you may be wondering how to find Feathers in Sons of the Forest. Worry not, as you’re in the right place. Let’s go!

How to Get Feathers in Sons of the Forest

It may sound obvious, but you’ll get feathers from birds in Sons of the Forest. Thing is, birds can be pretty skittish and fly away as soon as you approach them.

As a result, we found the best way to get feathers in Sons of the Forest is by heading to a beach and killing the seagulls near the shoreline. What can makes things a little more confusing is that birds sometimes don’t drop feathers, especially if you use a melee weapon like an axe.

So, we found the most effective way to find feathers in the game was by using a spear and throwing it at the birds from a distance, which will give you around 3 to 5 feathers a pop. Watch out, though, as the feathers often float about in the air, and are easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled.

Another way to obtain Feathers in Sons of the Forest, meanwhile, is by building a Birdhouse and accumulating them passively over time.

What Do Feathers Do in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Feathers are a useful crafting component in Sons of the Forest and can be used to craft Arrows and Bone Arrows. In addition, Feathers are also used to create Speed Upgrades.

So, there you have it. We hope this helped to show you how to find Feathers in Sons of the Forest. For more, here’s how to get the rope gun. Finally, there should also be some relevant links down below for you to explore that’ll give you even more handy tips and tricks for the game.

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