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How to Beat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Fumebeak Art
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How to Beat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts

Fell the Aerial terror!

Flying Kemonos in Wild Hearts aren’t as common as land-dwelling Kemonos, but make no mistake: they’re just as deadly. Until now, you’ve only fought the annoying rooster Dreadclaw, but the next flying Kemono — named Fumebeak — puts it to shame in terms of difficulty. So today, let’s discuss how to beat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Fume Beak Guide: How to Beat, Behaviors, and More

Wild Hearts Fumebeak Boss Fight
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

First and foremost, it’s worth knowing that Fumebeak utilizes the Poison ailment to the fullest, and nearly all of its attacks involve trying to Poison you. At this point in the game, if you’re inflicted with the Poison ailment, you’ll have to let it play out for a little until it goes away, but the tick damage isn’t too detrimental.

With that said, the attacks themselves from Fumebeak are a different story. Like Dreadclaw, this giant bird is super aggressive, and all its offensive moves deal tremendous damage. On top of this, Fumebeak primarily spends its time in the air, so utilizing the Firework fusion Karakuri will be essential to defeating it.

This Kemono is weak to the Earth element and has a five-star weakness on its head. Given this weak point won’t be open unless you knock it out of the sky with Fireworks though, you’ll need to aim for its legs until an opportunity to hit its head arises. After some time passes, the Fumebeak will retreat to a new area and become Enraged.

How to Beat Fumebeak Enraged

Wild Hearts Fume Beak boss fight enraged
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

When Fumebeak becomes Enraged, it’s both good and bad for you. It’ll be bad since all of its attacks will hit harder than ever and it will utilize more Poison attacks than before, making the fight that much more difficult. However, it’s also a massive opportunity for you to use the Fireworks Karakuri. When it becomes Enraged, Fumebeak lets out a roar and soars up into the sky, giving you a brief moment to knock it down and deal massive damage to it.

The key to this fight will be the timing of your Fireworks Karakuri, as if you can successfully knock it down each time it flies you’ll avoid dealing with its deadly Poison attacks from the sky. Knock it down, damage it, and deal the finishing blow to wipe it out for good.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts. Be sure to check out our latest Wild Hearts guides, like how to improve your stamina, and much more down below.

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