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Does Ellie Kill Riley in HBO’s The Last of Us? Answered

Riley and Ellie the Last of Us HBO Featured Image

Does Ellie Kill Riley in HBO’s The Last of Us? Answered

“We can just be all poetic and shit and lose our minds together.”

The Last of Us TV show is on its last few episodes, and HBO is holding nothing back. The show thus far has expanded on multiple different notes of story over the last several weeks, and this week was no different. Anyone who has played the Left Behind DLC especially knew it was coming, yet it didn’t make it any easier. As we mentioned in the other guide we posted surrounding this weeks episode, Storm Reid is a deadringer for Riley and builds on practically every way regarding her relationship Ellie, even leading up to their shared cursed “affliction.” So, let’s answer the question if Ellie winds up killing Riley.

Did Ellie Kill Riley in HBO’s The Last of Us?

While seemingly a missed opportunity, we don’t actually see the aftermath of Riley and Ellie’s respective bites in episode 7 called “Left Behind.” But with that being said, the answer is most likely yes, Ellie kills Riley.

How is a different question, although with a gun is probably a viable guess. The episode treads on very familiar ground, with a couple small changes. So, while we know that Riley inevitably transforms into an Infected, the audience doesn’t actually know the circumstances surrounding that transformation. This is because once Ellie realizes that she’s immune, she soon after would need to take action when Riley turned. It would probably be a interesting deviation to see her actually tearfully shoot Riley maybe in a different flashback.

That should hopefully give you some clarification on whether Ellie kills Riley in HBO’s The Last of Us. It’s a tragic, heartbreaking story, but that’s one thing that Naughty Dog excels with to a great degree. With only two episodes left of the season, a lot is sure to transpire. It will be very interesting to see both Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker (who both originated Ellie and Joel’s video game roles respectively) next week.

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