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All Sons of the Forest Intros, Explained

All Sons of the Forest Intros, Explained
Image Source: Endnight Games

All Sons of the Forest Intros, Explained

Multiple ways to experience a lovely stroll in the woods.

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to the survival-horror title, The Forest, tasking players with venturing back into the woods for more gruesome encounters. This time around, the story is a little bit different, focusing on the exploits of a special agent, and as fans have noticed, it appears how you arrive on the island has changed as well. Keen to learn more about the different intro sequences in Sons of the Forest? Here’s what you need to know.

**This post will contain minor spoilers on the opening sequence of Sons of the Forest, so proceed at your own risk. Otherwise, come back when you have experienced the opening moments.**

Does Sons of the Forest Have Multiple Introductions? Answered

To answer the question, yes, Sons of the Forest does have quite a few different intro sequences. Players in the Steam community have noticed this, as they’ve discussed their experiences so far. From the discussion, it seems that there are three different starting points.

All Sons of the Forest Openings, Listed

Does Sons of the Forest Have Multiple Introductions? Answered
Image Source: Endnight Games via Twinfinite

As mentioned, there are three different openings, although the exact science of how to earn them remains to be determined. The opening sequence of Sons of the Forest sees the protagonist and their strike team head to a deserted island to search for a few billionaires who have seemingly gone missing.

While flying over the island, the player can control the protagonist and take a look at a few slides from their mission briefing until they are shot down. It seems that at that exact moment, depending on your speed of scrolling through the briefing, your landing point diverges from other players. These are the three starting points we’ve found so far, as well as what happens:

  • Ocean crash landing: In this opening, your helicopter is shot down, and you land in the ocean. You’ll need to save yourself from drowning, and a button prompt will trigger forcing you to kick open the glass and swim up to the shore.
  • Forest crash landing: This opening shows the protagonist crash landing into the forest, where the helicopter gets stuck in the tress. One of your companions falls to his demise, while you cut the seatbelt cord off and fall unconscious.
  • Mountains crash landing: Finally, you crash land on the snowy mountains, while nearly losing your life to the helicopter you arrived in.

Despite three different openings, everything else plays out the same as you stumble upon a companion to aid your journey. The Forest did the same thing by featuring various starting points, and with this game following the same path, it’s sure to be a good point of conversation amongst friends. 

That’s all you need to know about all of the different intros to Sons of the Forest. For more survival tips and tricks, check on our related section below.

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