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All NBA 2K Mobile Codes (March 2023)


All NBA 2K Mobile Codes (March 2023)

Which codes can you redeem this month in NBA 2K?

When it comes to NBA 2K, MyTeam is where it’s at. But if players are looking for a slightly different spin on the videogame version, having access to the NBA 2K mobile app—not to be confused with the MyTeamNBA2K23 companion app—is where to find it.

Like the console version, MyTeam requires in-game currency in order to purchase packs, so while players can accumulate packs and other rewards without purchasing any, it makes building your team that much more difficult. That’s why it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for codes. Following the official 2K Mobile Twitter account would be a good start.

So, what types of treats are players in for at the moment?

Valid NBA 2K Mobile Codes for March

Page updated March 30, 2023

No new codes were added to the game today.

  • BACK2BACKMVP — Use code for a Nikola Jokić card (New)
  • LUKAMAGIC — Use code for a Luka Dončić card

With these codes available, how would you redeem them? Well as it happens, the Redeem option only appears when there is a code available.

As for the app itself, players simply have to do the following in order to access it:

  1. Download the NBA 2K Mobile app.


  2. Start building your team.

    Players can acquire various packs and upgrades to shape their team.

  3. If there is a code to redeem, you will know it.

    A ‘Redeem’ option will appear if and when a code becomes available.

And there you have it, 2K fans. For those of you who do not have the time to sink into NBA 2K23, perhaps this mobile app is a way for you to still get your virtual basketball fix. Build your dream team while being sure to check back here for any and all 2K mobile codes.

And while you’re at it, there’s plenty of NBA 2K-related content to peruse—like the top WNBA player ratings and top rookie ratings—as well as various links below. So be sure to keep your eyes on Twinfinite every step of the way.

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