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All Destiny 2 Lightfall Editions & What’s Included

Destiny 2 Lightfall Editions
Image source: Bungie

All Destiny 2 Lightfall Editions & What’s Included

Wouldn’t you like a letter from Zavala?

This year is filled with a plethora of massive DLC expansion releases, and Destiny 2 Lightfall is one of them. The latest expansion is set to release on Feb. 27, with three new subclasses, six new exotic weapons, and a bunch of weapon balance and gameplay changes. As is tradition, Lightfall comes in three different editions, with each variant offering distinct perks. With that said, here’s a detailed breakdown of all the Destiny 2 Lightfall editions to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Pre-order Editions Revealed

Destiny 2 Lightfall has three editions: standard, annual pass, and collector’s. You can find more information on each edition below.

Standard Edition ($49.99)

Destiny 2 Lightfall’s standard edition offers a variety of content, including a new campaign, legendary mode, destination, raid, exotic gear, and more. Additionally, players who pre-order will receive instant unlocks such as the Exotic Neptune Ghost Shell and legendary emblem. This edition also includes access to Season 20.

Please note: The Standard Edition of Destiny 2: Lightfall includes a single Season Pass for the currently active Year 6 season at the time of first login after purchase.

Annual Pass ($99.99)

Apart from the standard edition perks, players who purchase the Annual Pass will have access to Seasons 20, 21, 22, and 23, as well as several exclusive items such as the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle, Catalyst, and Ornament, the Lightfall Exotic Sparrow, and Lightfall Dungeon Key.

Additionally, they will receive Rahool’s Secret Stash four times per season, from Seasons 20-23, which includes 2x Ascendant Alloys, 3x Ascendant Shards, 1x Exotic Ciphers, 5x Upgrade Modules, and 1x Exotic Cosmetic Item. Finally, pre-ordering the Annual Pass will instantly unlock Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle, an exotic emote, exotic ghost, and a legendary emblem.

Collector’s Edition ($249.99)

The collector’s edition of Destiny 2 Lightfall includes all the content and items listed in the standard and annual pass editions, as well as additional bonuses. These bonuses include the Destiny 2: Lightfall + Annual Pass Game Code, the Destiny 2: Lightfall Digital Soundtrack, an 8″ Pouka Replica Figure with LED Lights and Stand, Vanguard Lore Books, a Letter from Zavala, a Mini-Lithograph, a Vinyl Sticker, and an exclusive Collector’s Edition Emblem.

Overall, Destiny 2 Lightfall offers a range of pre-order editions, each with its own unique set of content and items. With so much to explore and discover, Destiny 2 Lightfall promises to be an exciting new chapter in the popular franchise.

That’s everything you need to know about every Destiny 2 Lightfall edition. Check out the relevant links below.

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