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What Time Does Netflix Release Content? Answered

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What Time Does Netflix Release Content? Answered

Want to know when in the day new Netflix Originals release? Here’s the answer.

The streaming service Netflix has original content produced or otherwise owned by Netflix and content from other companies that it hosts in its media library, and offers an extensive collection of television and movies that you can watch. You may wonder what time of day new content drops though, as Netflix specifies the date they’re releasing upcoming episodes or films in the app but not necessarily the time of release. If you want to know some of the specifics of when Netflix releases content, then this guide will tell you what time Netflix releases content.

What Time Does Netflix Release Originals

Netflix releases content that it considers “originals” at 12 am Pacific Time, so 8 am Universal Co-ordinated Time. Of course, the time that it releases for people not in the Pacific time zone will be different depending on what time it is when it is 12 a.m. PST.

This doesn’t necessarily hold true all the time however. The Netflix Help Center specifies two situations where they may differ from that pattern. The first is if the content in question is not a Netflix original in that specific country, in which case it will come out at 12 a.m. in that country’s time zone. They also note that the availability of episodes may vary in the cases where episodes are not released all at once, such as when a series releases weekly or only half of a given season is available for streaming.

How Can I See What Day Netflix Releases Content?

As mentioned earlier in this guide, you can check when Netflix releases certain shows in the app or on your browser. On browsers you can check the release date by hovering your mouse over an unreleased show, and on the app you can view the release date of a show by visiting its details page. The app also has a New and Hot section that lets you see things that are coming soon with dates lined up to the left. You can also opt into phone notifications or email reminders for shows you want to keep an eye on.

That’s all the information there is on the time that Netflix releases content. If you’re interested in more guides on the ins and outs of various streaming services, check out our articles on every Netflix show canceled so far, whether or not Good Will Hunting is on Netflix, and when the Last of Us comes out on HBO Max.

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