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‘Scan Rig To Unlock Workstation’ Meaning in Dead Space Remake

‘Scan Rig To Unlock Workstation’ Meaning in Dead Space Remake
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‘Scan Rig To Unlock Workstation’ Meaning in Dead Space Remake

Is this another hidden secret?

The USG Ishimura is a massive ship in Dead Space Remake, and it’s hiding more secrets than just the cause of the necromorph outbreak and the reason for the ship’s current state. One in particular seems to ask players to scan rigs in order to unlock a workstation. What does ‘Scan Rig To Unlock Workstation’ even mean in Dead Space Remake? You aren’t alone in your confusion.

What Does ‘Scan Rig To Unlock Workstation’ Mean in Dead Space Remake? Explained

Rush through Dead Space Remake and there’s a good chance you’ll pass secrets without ever noticing, both beneficial to Isaac, like weapons, and to the overarching story. ‘Scan Rig To Unlock Workstation’ is the latter, a bit of worldbuilding to flesh out the lore of the game.

In other words: it serves no other purpose than to add atmosphere to the game. You cannot interact with those workstations and messages. In fact, Isaac Clark doesn’t wield any tools that allow him to scan objects, let alone scan his RIG.

It’s nothing more than the game’s version of an identification system. In this case, in order to access the workstation, their RIG would be scanned and that would determine if they’re in the clear. Since Isaac Clark isn’t a member of the USG Ishimura, it makes sense that his RIG wouldn’t be recognized.

With that, you have all the information on the meaning behind ‘Scan Rig To Unlock Workstation’ in Dead Space Remake. Messages like this appear frequently throughout the game and add so much flavor to the world. If you aren’t sure if it’s important, check your quest log and map for icons and mission objectives.

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