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Release Date & Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072

Release Date and Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072

Release Date & Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072

The plot thickens.

The One Piece story is set to kick off and wrap up some pivotal arcs this coming year, and it all starts with chapter 1072. Alliances could be formed, enemies could become friends, and major revelations could push the Straw Hats toward unknown destinations and fated confrontations. But then, this is all just speculation, and what you’re after are firm facts. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide covering the release date and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1072.

When Does One Piece 1072 Come Out? Answered

To start, it’s worth noting when One Piece Chapter 1072 is set to release. As it stands, the chapter is set to come out on Sunday, Jan. 22, through the Shonen Jump app.

The chapter will be available to all readers for free due to being one of the three most recent chapters released, regardless of whether or not someone has a subscription to Shonen Jump. It will release earlier in Japan, but won’t be viewable outside of illegal scans that will likely make their way online around Wednesday or Thursday of that week.

Are There Spoilers Available for One Piece 1072?

As for whether or not there are spoilers available for One Piece 1072 at this time, the answer is no. The reason for this is that the chapter likely hasn’t even been created by author Eiichiro Oda yet.

Chapter 1071 was only made available legally on Jan. 6, meaning he’s likely still enjoying a bit of time off before he gets to writing out and illustrating the next segment of the story. At the earliest, we’ll start to see some spoilers from chapter 1072 around Jan. 17, and even then they’ll be through the rawest of raw scans.

As such, all we can really recommend is being patient and waiting for Chapter 1072’s release to draw closer.

That’s all there is to know about the release date and spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072. For more on the series, check out our guide on whether or not Film Red is canon, as well as our ranking of every One Piece arc.

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