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Is One Piece Odyssey Multiplayer? Answered

One Piece Odyssey

Is One Piece Odyssey Multiplayer? Answered

Can you embark on the Straw Hats latest adventure with friends?

One Piece Odyssey marks a bold take on the One Piece games, with its core gameplay being a turn-based RPG, allowing for some notable strategic planning. At this point in the game’s story, the Straw Hat gang is quite large compared to its humble beginnings, boasting plenty of powerful members, which begs to question if a friend or two can take control of them to aid your journey. Here’s what you need to know about whether or not One Piece Odyssey has multiplayer or if it’s another solo pirate adventure.

Does One Piece Odyssey Have Co-Op or Online?

Unfortunately, to the disappointment of many fans, One Piece Odyssey does not have multiplayer. Much like every One Piece game aside from Pirate Warriors, this title is strictly single-player.

Leading up to the release of One Piece Odyssey, Bandai Namco shared no information on plans to add multiplayer or some form of cooperative play to the game. As the game started to get into gamers’ hands, this design choice made plenty of sense, as Odyssey is a more traditional RPG title, leaving little room for co-op/multiplayer mayhem. 

That’s all you need to know about whether or not One Piece Odyssey has multiplayer. As the game is hot off the presses, there is plenty of content below to help you make the most out of the Straw Hat’s journey. Check out our review of One Piece Odyssey, whether or not it’s on Xbox Game Pass, or if you can seamlessly switch between English and Japanese voice tracks.

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