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Is Lady Nagant Dead in My Hero Academia? Answered (Spoilers)

Is Lady Nagant Dead in My Hero Academia? Answered

Is Lady Nagant Dead in My Hero Academia? Answered (Spoilers)

Did the sniper with a heart of gold perish?

The Tartarus Escapees arc has begun in My Hero Academia. Throughout this storyline, we see our beloved main character fall into despair after the Paranormal Liberation War while All for One sends assassins after him. One of these assassins includes the mighty Lady Nagant, an expert sniper who was wrongfully thrown into prison and has won the hearts of My Hero Academia manga readers. However, an event happens that leaves the fallen hero’s mortality in question. So today, let’s answer the question: Is Lady Nagant dead in My Hero Academia, or was her plot armor thick enough to protect her?

Does Lady Nagant Die in My Hero Academia? Answered

My Hero Academia
Image Source: Kohei Horikoshi and Shonen Jump

For the short and sweet answer, no. Lady Nagant is still alive in My Hero Academia, but just barely.

After her battle with Deku, she realizes the error in her ways and wishes to help Deku if she can. However, All for One had other plans for her. Lady Nagant was granted additional quirks by All for One to help her successfully assassinate Deku, and if she were to lose, those additional quirks were set to explode within her.

Thankfully, she was still breathing when the dust cleared, and Hawks states her injuries are so severe that it’s a miracle she’s still alive. She has since been recovering from her wounds, and little mention has been made of her.

Does Nagant Come Back in Later Arcs?

Whether or not she will make a return in My Hero Academia has yet to be determined. As stated above, she hasn’t been mentioned in the manga since she was left to recover, and there hasn’t been any sort of tease that she might play a role in the final arc.

All the same, it’s nice to know she could have a second chance in some shape or form, and we’re excited to see if her story will continue.

That’s everything you need to know regarding whether or not Lady Nagant is dead or not in My Hero Academia. Be sure to check out our latest My Hero Academia guides, like whether or not Gran Torino is dead or if All for One took over Shigaraki’s body.

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