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Does Gran Torino Die in My Hero Academia? Answered (Spoilers)

My Hero Academia

Does Gran Torino Die in My Hero Academia? Answered (Spoilers)

Did the plot armor kick in for Deku’s master, or did his time finally come?

My Hero Academia has entered a dark new arc in the franchise. The Paranormal Liberation War has concluded, and the causalities are severe. Many heroes, including one’s fans adored, were all killed in action. However, some heroes, such as Gran Torino, remain unclear on whether they survived the deadly battle. So today, let’s answer whether or not Gran Torino is dead in My Hero Academia.

Before going further though, be aware: This article will briefly discuss manga events yet to be shown in the anime. As such, there are *Spoilers Ahead*.

Is Gran Torino Dead In My Hero Academia?

Image Source: Bones via Crunchyroll

For the short and sweet answer, no, Gran Torino is not dead in My Hero Academia. He is still alive and kicking after his brutal encounter with Shigaraki during the Paranormal Liberation War.

He did come incredibly close to biting the big one though. During the battle, Shigaraki was able to out-speed the old timer and punch him in the gut, leaving a massive wound that by all rights should have killed him. And yet, either by sheer will or plot armor, Gran Torino was seen alive in a hospital after the battle ended.

It stands to reason Gran Torino will survive anything the villains may throw at him at this rate, but it’s also hinted at that he takes this as a sign to finally retire. That said, we’re happy to see at least one of our favorite heroes survive the conflict. Can’t say the say the same for some of our others though, with Midnight being key among them.

That’s everything you need to know about whether or not Gran Torino is dead in My Hero Academia. Be sure to check out our latest My Hero Academia-related guides, like how to get Deku’s Smash in Fortnite or who Deku’s dad is. We’ve also got a ton of other types of articles related to the series, which you can check out down below.

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